VIPs mileage upgrade?

Discussion in 'Stripclubs, Strippers and Porn Stars' started by robotboy, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Mr. User Name

    Mr. User Name

    Where's my man Bunion when I need him ?
  2. TNA


    Upgrade is for real...

    Yes, while YMMV, mileage can definitely be got at VIP's. ANd truthfully, i've had more success now than when the "dance area" was in that semi-__ithole in the back. Yes, HJ for 30-40, ALex (blonde Uruguayan) --- great, I mean great hands, and TITs though russian is not offered, nor anything else short of suckling the hoots). Isabella (Isabella B., that is) for FS, c note plus 25, dances included. I think oral is a tough sell for this place b/c of the setup of the front dance area.
    So far, that's all I can report at this time. Any similar feedback would be nice fellow mongers! SO far, seems to be a fledgling heartbreakers but has a way to go still. Definitely the best collection of Braz's in this area and probably passiac cy.
  3. Shoot2Thrill


    I have not been there during the day in a long time. I have gone about once a month or after 10 PM. Yes, is was very very good down stairs years ago. I think the closest situation in mileage with truly hot dancers currently is the Hitching Post or Players during the day. But it is not an apples to apples comparison so I bring it forward to state my opinion that I think VIP is not all that. The set up at VIP is really limited. Of course YMMV but I really believe there are a lot more bad lap dances at VIP than good ones. Many of the dancers are very clever at extracting dances from the crowd. The customers are just not so well off or street savvy as you will find at other clubs so it can be easy pickings for the dancers. I don't know how proactive Lenny is during the day for monitoring the LD area. I suspect it's mixed. I think late night at post 11:00 PM might be the best time. I think you can get a good grope+ with the right dancer but it will be priced at retail. You can buy a beer and easily watch the scene to figure out who is who. The dollar parade can be very financially dear sometimes.
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  4. madvex


    Way back - when the dances were downstairs, in the basement - anything went. After the remodel/expansion the dances were moved into the back room (upstairs) and mileage was still available, but far more difficult. Since the last move of the dance room, I have had and heard of nothing "good" happening - that is, until now.

    Perhaps a daytime recon visit is is order for me so I may confirm or deny :)
  5. dr_skins


    couple of years ago when the dances were in the back room on the regular little chairs it was more common to get extras. since they moved the dances to that front part with the red cushy seats, I only went a couple of times and got nowhere.
  6. robotboy


    went to VIPs in Orange and took a ride with a spunky brazilian (who had a very asian look). She offered HR for 40 (on top of dance), BJ for 100. I didn't feel like a HJ (and the associated mess) so I just messed around. In our dirty talking, she offered FS for 200 (yeah, right). Eventually she got frustrated (I kept asking for a bit of contact), pulled out robotboy jr and dirty talked here way to my completion. I just gave her the 20x2 for the 2 dances (careful not to expose the other 20s in my pocket). I felt I held up the DPTM mantra fairly well. I've had HR on a very few occassions here... has anyone else experience decent mileage? With Showoff RIP, this place is a decent mileage vs. outlay, in my opinion (can't work up the enthusiasm for the creatures at the Dey St. place)