W. 35th Street Massages

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  1. Jordan

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    I went few times to W35th. I think they have now stopped entertaining outside contractors. Had two alternating asians, both non-pro, amatures i-fact. Think they now on E53rd. Haven't gone there. Price I paid was $60 hr plus another $40 tip. Can't see $160 for HJ-massage. I think we ar etheones that drive the price up.
  2. sakatz


    There are a couple ladies who advertise massage on CL who rent rooms/massage tables at an Asian medicine/accupuncture/accupressure place at 247 West 35th Street. I've seen two of them, although there are almost certainly others. The place also has a sign outside suggesting they accept walk-ins--I can't vouch for whoever works there to accomodate the walks-ins, although the woman at the desk is a pretty Brazillian (I think) who also advertises on CL occasionally. Anyway, the place is nice with professional massage tables but, unfortunately, as far as I know there isn't a shower--a gigantic pain after a massage with oil obviously. The two I saw were:

    Ava--her pictures make her look like she's in her 20s with blondish hair. In fact she's in her 30s, long black hair, on the small side with big fake breasts. She didn't speak much and I thought maybe she couldn't speak English well, but on second thought I think she's American but just didn't speak much. Topless body-to-body massage. It was nice enough, but I don't believe she had any professional training at all. Hj, touched her top--no other extras, strictly enforced. Very pricey at $250--I thought there would be more. But she's nice enough.

    Asian lady--advertises without a name, 22 years old. Very cute, fantastic big natural breasts which aren't evident in the picture. Massage in her underwear--pretty good massage, although not strictly professional quality. She took off her top on the flip and allowed touching above--but no other extras. $160--still a tad pricey, but the massage was nice and she was very sweet and pretty.