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  1. wheninvegas2005


    Peek a Boos

    I stopped by Peeks on Wed around 4:30 for a quick beer. Place was empty, only 3 girls (ranging from 3-5 on looks). Started a chat with a tiny Brazilian one and opted to try a LD. Surprisingly enough got a very physical lap dance...with lots of roaming and access allowed. Got some hand action over the trouser. 2nd babe was also Brazilian but a little big boned but had a nice rack which she let me dine on. Again hand action over trouser. I didn't inquire but I supect extras could be had.

    Pretty funny comments on the previoius 'lamp dance' post :)
  2. george1948


    Actually I think it's sort of like one of those magic lamps. Rub the lamp the right way and out pops a genie!

    Truthfully, I really think it's a new type of club, a cross between a strip club and an Asian Masage Parlor. Instead of lap dances one gets a L-AMP dance complete with table shower and sauna.
  3. rashibat


    I'm just bored, sorry

    Could you enlighten us about this so-called "lamp dance"?
    Did she turn you on?
    Did you get a chance to pull up the shade?
    Were you able to push her buttons?
    How much is the table dance?

    As always YAMV: Your Amperage May Vary
  4. wheninvegas2005


    Thought we could use a thread on Wtby clubs. I stopped by Mr. Happy's last night around 5. I was only there for about 30 minutes. Typical layout...big stage. Definitely not your upscale gentleman's club. There were 4 girls. Three of them were above average (7+), one looked older and tired. I discovered later she has a daytime job doing sheetrock (yipes).

    Lap dances are $20. The lamp dance area is not very private..just some plants seperating it from the rest of the club. Not a bad location right off Rte8...down the street from an AMP (Tokyo).