We are bruised but our heads are unbowed!

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    My thoughts and prayers are extended to all those affected by Tuesday's calamitous events.

    Yesterday, we saw two icons of American prosperity destroyed and a symbol of American military strength violated before our very eyes. While structures can be rebuilt, I am deeply saddened that friends, acquaintances and business colleagues may have become victims in the midst this catastrophe.

    We are a resilient people! We are that "great mosaic" that someone coined us. We represent all hues of the rainbow with one common factor. Our blood is one in the same and quite interchangeable. We practice various sets of religious beliefs--Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism as well as some others that are not as popular. We are able to pursue our chosen way of life because of our "sheltered freedoms". I am talking specifically about religion and speech. This makes us the envy of every other nation and pseudo-nation on the face of this earth.

    Anyone that would willingly participate in taking the lives of innocent people, purportedly in the name of God has obviously been misguided! Religion didn't kill anyone yesterday; misguided, ill-informed, evil purveyors of destruction did. They will be punished, if not in this life, surely in the next! In the wake of the damage caused by these "false angels", we have seen the re-emergence of the better qualities that have been bestowed on man. We have seen numerous examples of charity, sacrifice, unity, and brotherhood. In the near term, terrorists may have won the battle but they will ultimately lose the war. We are bruised but our heads are unbowed. A stronger, more prosperous, unified nation will grow out of the ashes of this recent destruction.

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