Well hopefully this will not be moderated but we will give it a shot..

Discussion in 'Northern New Jersey' started by njjewel, Dec 3, 2001.

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  1. Allen

    Allen Webmaster?

    ok, that's enough for this thread I think...
  2. justlooking


    Joanne Woodward

    Rates? DFK? BBBJ? TC?
  3. mij317


    Posted by Thorn:

    "what we have here is a failure to communicate."

    If possible, always use an obsure quote from "Cool Hand Luke" or any Paul Newman movie starting with an "H" (ie Hud, the Hustler etc.).

    BTW, I had a chance to talk to Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward on a professional level and I gotta tell ya, he is a true gentleman, humble, witty, insightful, intelligent, with a true thirst for knowledge and his wife is his perfect match.
  4. Thorn


    [shaking head]

    Ok folks, what we have here is a failure to communicate.

    Its not on the part of Allen and Slinky. Though I will say to both that I think its an outside possiblity that Ms Madame Jewel is not a dope. Meaning, its not so much she misunderstands the language as she thinks anytime the name of her brand is mentioned its good press. So, she uses your responses to her to mention her brand name again.

    Why else continue to pop up again and again after stating you were leaving for good, never to be seen in these parts anymore.

    If it is a lack of understanding then let me say this for the record Ms M.J.

    I have been here since the conception of U.G. I have seen how the administration handles posts of your type. Whether you agree with the methodology or not [and I do, as if it were my board I'd do pretty much the same thing] they have applied the policy across the board [no pun intended] in the same manner with every party providing services directly or claiming to represent an agency providing services. Kevin of NJ Exotics has been treated no differently then you in that regard.

    He is allowed some latitude based on the placement of his ad, in that he can respond to questions regarding his ad. You could do the same if YOU had an ad. Straight out spamming is still discouraged. Kevin is a cutey though. No dope he. He offers the members of U.G. access to his private, invitation only, parties. This keeps his name up on the board and provides him even more opportunities to legitimately discuss his business and his girls. Sue and Paul of NNJE are similarly clever in their approach to handling this and they get their name mentioned a lot. Julie as well.. Do I need to say more?

    The problem here is that YOU are NOT being clever about it. Your approach is out-right "fly in the face" of management and their policies. So you force them to react.

    This post isn't flaming you Ms M.J. I am not feeling disgust, anger, betrayal, or even mild annoyance at you. I wish you no ill will. I have no bad feelings toward you or your agency in any manner, shape or form. It is simply an attempt to get you to understand what the difference is between your posts and those you feel are on the board unfairly. Attempting to get you to see there is nothing unfair about it at all. There is a definate forumla in place for you to follow if you want that kind of exposure. You just aren't following it. And to tell you that truth, that makes YOUR POSTS UNFAIR IF THEY WERE ALLOWED TO STAY to the folks who did what they were supposed to do.

    So, you see, Allen's moderating them is all about being fair. It actually you who is being unfair.

    I hope you finally see that and if you want to make it different, simply follow the formula that is very clearly there, right out in the open. Purchase an ad, come up with a promotion [or allow S.B. and Allen to help you come up with a promotion], and get your name out there legitimately for the U.G. public to see.

    [The proceeding has been a personal opinion. Opinions expressed may not represent those of U.G. managment. We now return you to our regularly scheduled mayhem, already in progress] :)
  5. ramstein


    In reply to our charming Madame Jewel

  6. robnotbob


    condoned/condemned, what's the difference??
  7. admin

    admin Administrator

    I see I was too late to make the peace:)
  8. admin

    admin Administrator

    I'm starting to think you have multiple personalities...Where do you come up with this nonsense? I normally don't reply to this kind of bs, but since you've decided to tell us we're "attacking" you etc, I feel I should respond.

    "spamming is what your people at njexotics do"
    OUR people? really? do you mean the stuff I let them get away with like this:

    "u are condemning me"
    by not letting you spam? why should you be allowed when no one else is?

    "nothing has been answered--no one ever got back to me "
    this one's my favorite. as you can see we have so many advertisers we've started turning them away. Give me a break.

    "i went thru necssary protocol before i was condemned for my spamming actions and my opinions"
    Let me get this right: you emailed about an ad, never paid for one, and now you're pissed we won't let you spam?

    "Ask the moderator allen if i did not ask to advertise and got no answer as of yet"
    I own this site. All ads go through me. I got your request and responded to it. I'm sorry if you didn't get it but that still doesn't give you the right to spam.

    The last time you contacted me, this was the result:

    "no u have not made yourself clear...
    Please explain so we do not violate your rules.. jewels"

    to which I responded:

    "Basically, if you'd like to advertise, we ask you to do so by purchasing advertising. Sorry if my edit on the board was a bit curt.


    The very next post you put up was spam. So, I don't see how any resonable person could be offended when I remove the spam posts.

    Anyway, this has gotten out of hand, if you have something to say to me or a question or comment, please email me.

  9. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    "the all powerful moderator can be bitter when he wants to be and attack as well without all the facts..."

    Fine. Point them out to me, all those posts of "your opinion" by which you were condemened. We've got plenty of bandwidth, so feel free to list them all...every last one...I'll be waiting right here......

    You know...it sounds like you are making this drivel up as you go along. I've posted facts, but seen none from you in return. Care to actually come across with anything which resembles a cogent argument ? To summarize, you have claimed that you are being "condoned" ( hahaha ) for posting your opinions. Show me where you did that. It's just not possible for us to have taken any action against you for doing something when you simply have not done it. if I'm wrong, it should be fairly simple to show me where this occured. OTOH, it's very difficult if it never happened.

    So, next, you result to name calling, because you don't have any facts to back up your argument.

    "So please mind your place"......who do you think you are ?

    "I know that the all powerful moderator is too big to admit when they are wrong in this case and calling me and my company a spam is not a very good thing to do and totally unprofessional of you"....if the shoes fits. You come here, you don't post anything but ads, and you object to being called spammers. Well, i guess I understand that you don't like being called a spammer, but that just happens to be what you are....those pesky little facts popping up again, huh ???? And when I call you on it, I guess it's me who is "wrong" and "unprofessional". How old are you ? 12 ? I feel sorry for any customer of yours who needs someone rational to deal with.
  10. njjewel


    slinkyblender ....

    spamming is what your people at njexotics do and please do not even go there with this foolishness .. So enough said with this slinky and i am not complaining about the bad reviews we have ever gotten .. Please we accept all comments well and try to improve.. The point being that u are condemning me slinky as i am your enemy and i do not want anything to do with you . I think for you to even attack me on this level is foolishness and childishness on your part.. as you have said "all powerful moderator".. You are condeming me for stating an opinion i am not a spammer i have countless amounts of times asked utopiaguide for information to advertise on this board but nothing has been answered .. Well let me retract that last part yes a price was quoted but then no one ever got back to me on how to pay for this advertisement or anything of that matter so i proceeded to go with the normal eros and searched on big doggie to advertise as well.. I guess i do not have the inside track or we are not important enough to have on the site.. The jewels are paying customers to and for the fact of the matter have tried to advertise but as i have said i spoke to someone and they said it would be taken care of nothing else.. So please mind your place and know that i went thru necssary protocol before i was condemned for my spamming actions and my opinions.. I know that the all powerful moderator is too big to admit when they are wrong in this case and calling me and my company a spam is not a very good thing to do and totally unprofessional of you.. Ask the moderator allen if i did not ask to advertise and got no answer as of yet.. It has been how long now a week or two.. Well enough said slinky use all your sarcasm it will just go to show that the all powerful moderator can be bitter when he wants to be and attack as well without all the facts...
  11. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    "Why is it that I get condoned for stating my opinions".

    'Nuff said.

    "Hobbyists review .. a discreet way of reviewing the client....'

    Yeah, because none of that ever goes on........

    "I know that utopia will now ban me but i figure at least i got to say how i felt something that i bet many other agencies or providers want to say but will not due to the negative feedback.. "

    The negative feedback is not about your stating "your opinion". It's about falsely claiming that something has been done to you for stating your opinion, when in fact you had never stated any such opinion before ( the record speaks for itself ), but you were trying to use these unstated opinions as a reason why your spam had been moderated. No "opinion" of yours has ever edited on this board, only your ( against the rules ) advertisements. In fact, if you would join in the discussions and actually give your opinion, perhaps your posts would more likely of be tollerated. Fact is, it's the lack of ever stating opinions, but only posting advertisements, which has you where you are, not the other way around.

    Now, on to something with a little more "meat". There are lots of businesses that don't care for "reviews". Just ask Suzuki how they feel about Consumer Reports. I always find it a bit funny though, when I hear businesses complaining about being reviewed, and they aren't complaining that the reviews are "not truthful", but instead are complaining that the reviews are truthful. Reminds me of how MLB felt about Ball Four. Just as an example of what I see as the "correct way" for a business to react, whenever I have seen a bad review of a experience at Julie's, I don't see a lot of whining and complaining, I see "how can we fix that ?".

    An excellent example of what the "review process" can do for both sides was see here recently with dannyNJ and Amber's/NNJ Escorts. danny wrote a review of a very negative experience. Amber's made an offer to make it good, but it was such a bad experience that danny was't even interested in them "making good". It would have been very easy for Amber's to say "well, we tried....now fuck 'em". Instead, they made "an offer Danny couldn't refuse", which he took them up on. Danny got a great experince out of it, the problem got resolved, Amber's got a good review, and everyoe not only got info on a girl at Amber's, but also got the good press of seeing how they resolve disputes.

    Now, what would have happened without the board and reviews ? Well, Danny would have chalked it up to experience, and would have told anyone who asked him to avoid Amber's place. Amber's probably never would have known how displeased danny was, and would have chalked it up to another customer who called a few times and never again. Is there anyoe who didn't benefit from what did happen vs what would have happened ????

    Are the boards perfect ? Hell no. But the concept that "there shouldn't be reviews of any kind" just does not hold water for either side of the community.

    ( NB the word "reviews" is used very broadly above ).
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2001
  12. jseah


    Thanks Allen

    Not being privy to the convo between NJJewel and yourself, I was a little confused about the policy. That clears up a lot of confusion on my part.
  13. Allen

    Allen Webmaster?

    "I know that utopia will now ban me"

    why would I do that? I'm gonna say it again for the last time:
    You can NOT post advertisments if you are not a UG advertiser. Other than that, you're more than welcome on this board.
  14. larry1017


    Kimmie.Who said anything about printing fake reviews?Not me.All I said was that they have a spot on their websites about reviews.And that she has had problems by a couple of people on ***.Not just one.
  15. HappyGilmore


    Jewel, you said your piece not peace, and since you don't care to be here............

    Trouble with fake reviews is they're always good huh Kimmie?
  16. njjewel


    note to larry and sammy....

    I left two things out... First Larry you are right there is a link there on our site that promotes reviews but it has been disabled and my website guy forgot to take the link off .. So for that i apologize if i gave you the wrong impression and as for me being bitter sammy i am not at all i just think that a person should be entitled to whatever opinions they view as you have stated.. I know that utopia will now ban me but i figure at least i got to say how i felt something that i bet many other agencies or providers want to say but will not due to the negative feedback..

    Fondly, Jewel
  17. Crazyphingers



    arent all proffesionsals to be jusged on there performance? If your ran a painting company, would you not expect customers to share reccomemdations of your work?

    If you are going to be considered a proffesional then you need to accept that your work will be reviewed

    That being said there are better and worse ways of doing reviews
  18. Kimmie


    So is it ok to post fake reviews Larry?

    no baseball cant say lets go yankees :(
  19. njjewel


    it figures

    You know i was speaking to a collegue in this business as well last night about my posting and she even said i would be flamed.. But anyway i said my peace, and i am not unhappy about it either. If you look on the NJ Jewels site larry there is no posting of reviews and as for you slinkblender spamming is a njexotic job not a jewels. Why is it that I get condoned for stating my opinions but everyone else on here gets a kudos for theirs.. I have said my peace and this just goes to show that i was right providers are always going to be judged.. But anyway i am working on a new site ... Hobbyists review .. a discreet way of reviewing the client....LOL.... I mean wouldn't that be a silly thing to do ... I mean really what are we talking about here ... In all reality everyone is entitled to their opinion and personally i tried these boards because several of the Jwel clients read these boards and suggested i try it but i guess it goes to show it is not who you know it is who you blow....

    Fondly and merry xmas, Jewel
  20. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    So, I guess the post was "in general" about your feelings about reviews of "the ladies" ???? And Allen didn't like that, so he edited it ? It's funny, because there have been several threads about those subjects ( including the current one Provider reivews ), and there has not been a hint of Jewel in any of them. In fact, in the 6 posts Jewel has made, 4 were outright spam, 1 was an answer to why there is such a high turnover at NJ Jewels, and the 6th was the one quoted here. o evidence whatsoever of any opinions on reviews, treatment of girls, hobbyist's behaviour, etc.

    Why is it that I think the original post ( which I did not see, BTW ) was more spam, and had nothing to do with provders being treated as "meat", hobbyists being late or not showing up, providers getting enough "credit", or anythig other than advertising a service ?
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