Well???? Somebody say something....~smile~

Discussion in 'Texas' started by fannyhillusa, Apr 23, 2001.

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  1. fannyhillusa


    Well I check this board each day and no one is talking. I know we all have alot to say....just look at the other Texas boards.

    Roberta? No comments?

    Ok Amanda, I know YOU have something to say. ~wink~

    well i will just vent then....

    I went to the Lodge tonight (in Dallas) and we were there for like an hour and only 3 ladies danced. The place was so dull. The Martini was very good.... The lady who danced for me was pretty....and so limber. She must be a gymnist....LOL.

    Ok.....So SOMEBODY TALK or I will have to entertian myself with humorous stories....that I no one thinks are funny.

    xxxooofanny hill