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Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by Slinky Bender, Jan 18, 2001.

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  1. yankees51


    West Graden spa

    Has anyone tried the west garden spa in Mine Hill? They have an Ad on www.massageplaces.com They are a Russian place.
  2. dieforasian

    dieforasian almost

    I hate it too for the same reasons

    I agree with you guys. I loved it too in the beginning cause they have great girls and facilities. I really feel sorry for the girls working in there. The shit theymust have to put up with.

    I even tried to write to them to suggest that they pull the reins a little on the clientelle, to no avail. I guess greed is greed.

    So if i can help it, I don''t go. I am looking for small boutique operations from now on.

    If they cannot make the place classier, even though they've spent all this money to remodel, I say FUCK THEM.

    Enough is enough. I believe we have created the monster so let's kill it now before the next LE raid happens as it is bound to happen after some incident in there will occur soon.
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  3. teeduke


    Sounds like a dorm experience

    I prefer privacy when hobbying. You can keep the crowds.
  4. NoBiscuit


    Stitch, I know what you mean. I stopped going and have switched to aria because of their private shower. The last time I was there, 3 guys who were obviously drunk were in the shower bragging about feeling up the girls the hj, etc.

    They could've been a bit more discreet about it. And why would anyone go to a spa drunk?
  5. Stitch


    I often went to this place just after it opened. I even became very friendly with the Mamasan, who is an interesting woman. But no more. Can't stand the crowds. Don't like showering next to boisterous strangers. They remind me of high school jocks in a lockerroom, only paunchier. I don't like the "okay, next dick" crank 'em out atmosphere. I don't like the hard and fast rule about no more than a HJ. My pleasre comes from developing my own special, personal rules with a masseuse...

    There's also something slightly shiny and Mafia-ish about WSG.
  6. MJC185


    Just Call and Go

    I have never once had any problem calling 5 minutes before I wanted to go and getting in. YOu only reallyneed ot call in advance if you want a specific girl.



    Slink,, everytime I read a thread on this place, they make it sound like it's tough to get into. Regular call and come?
  8. shaftforever



    What's that?
  9. nycguy1967


    One time at WGS . . . .

    One time I got BBFS from the body scrub girl and then did a 4-some with 3 hot chicks who rang my bell 2 times each. I tried to tip them but they refused and insisted on returning my door fee . . .

    I got 7 cups of coffee for free.

    What a horrible experience - I was really hoping for more! Maybe next time . . .
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  10. LeonardCohen

    LeonardCohen Bronze

    lilly does the best massage, and a free prostate exam is included. downstairs rooms are primo. NEVER pay for hobby expenses with plastic. are you nuts?? i visit wgs about 6 times a year now.
  11. Fit Bastard

    Fit Bastard

    Shaftforever: I think it depends what it is that you're looking for. If your looking for FS and you only get HR then I guess you could say its "horrible." As far as AMP's are concerned I think this particular one is very highly rated and in fact its the AMP by which others in NYC are compared. As far as the credit card thing, my buddy used a credit card there exactly 2 weeks ago and no problem whatsoever, they took it gladly.
  12. shaftforever


    Screw WSG!

    That place is horrible. I did get head from there in the past one time (before I got married and the lady who gave it was afraid to put it all the way in). Other than that, they suck!

    They even try to bill you more if you pay with credit card and lady at the front tries to hustle you.
  13. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    It's your "typical SPA experience". I can't say for sure that no one will give you more, but I wouldn't go if you abolutely needed more, especially on the first trip. It's like most bodyrub places in that respect.
  14. BigBucksNYC


    Low on "extras", but not zero extras.
    http://www.westgardenspa.com [/B][/QUOTE]

    Thanks for the info...but is there any way you can expand the "low on the extras" quote... I guess I just don't want to go there if I am not even going to get a BJ. And are all the women willing to service or are there a special few?

    Thanks again for the info :)
  15. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    On West 30th St between 7th and 8th. Very much like a legit SPA. Very nice facilities ( locker room, steam and Sauna, etc. ). Very relaxing, $70+ tip. Low on "extras", but not zero extras.