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  1. pitman_nyc


    Ok, so I tried it out and was overall pretty happy. Although, the girl at the reception was extremely hot compared to the girl I got the massage from. Oriental, name was Edna (?) and was from Columbia (?), 23 yrs old. Who cares? Great massage, everything I expected, really liked the table shower and the hot towels. Very clean - I'd love to spend a couple hours there next time, and take full advantage of the steam and sauna. My tipping experience was a lot less expensive than you guys - don't know why. I went to the reception area and my masseuse was not to be found. After I paid, I thought I wasn't going to have to tip but the hot receptionist reminded me (smirk). I gave her an extra $20, for a total cost of $95. Hopefully she doesn't pocket the $20 and not give it to Edna.

    In summary, it was great to relax, be pampered & feel good about yourself, but it's not the same high I get from other FS activities....which doesn't mean I won't do it again, just that it will have its place in my activities.
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    a) You won't be lying if you say you've been there before.

    b) More like $999,890.00
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    I walked up just to check the place out. Looked really nice. I didn't have the time for a full hour and I asked about a 1/2 hr. They would've accomodated but still at the $75 rate. So I told the mama san (sp?) I would come back. Stupid me, I told them it was my first time and she wanted me to fill out a form with a lot of info! Did anyone ever encounter that? Hopefully she won't remember me when I'm ready to return and I'll say I've been there before....I've gotta admit, I was never a spa guy, but I like the idea of the steam, sauna, massage and release - you spa guys must feel like a million bucks when you get out of there!

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    walk up is fine. i've never had to wait more than five or ten minutes.
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    Do you need an appointment for WSG or is a walk-up OK?
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    And more

    By friend on Sunday, August 26, 2001 - 11:06 am:

    Shalom David,

    I only offered an advice as your friend. I don't know why you thought I was MadChaos or anyone else. Maybe you assume that everyone has a hidden agenda like you do?

    I read my post again. Nowhere any threats were made by me. You should start improving your reading comprehension. Your Rabbi would be very disappointed. If he knew that you couldn't even comprehend simple writings, how would he expect you to understand the true meaning behind Talmud? Remember the story of Akiva?

    You know me well. I know many things you do and why you do it. So, let's not hide behind your sheep's clothing. Let's get rid of the facade.

    I have a favor to ask, David. Please stop squeezing all the escorts to pay you money and instigate problems for them when they don't pay you the money. OK? Please stop blackmailing hard working escorts.

    As a fellow Jewish, I hope you understand the real meaning behind the Passover. You have an important duty as an operator of a discussion board to guide many. Don't enslave us but free us.

    Please have some Matzoh and think about the true meaning of Passover.

    If you think really hard, you will know who I am.

    "The prisoner cannot free himself from prison" -- I would've written this in Hebrew but I wasn't sure you were proficient with Hebrew.

    I can not imagine that any self respecting Jew would have anything to do with that place after seeing something as hideous as this.
  7. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    What a hoot!

    SB: thanks ever so much for making my morning.

    God forbid that anyone actually do any business in NYC with someone or some organization that has ties to organized crime. ;-)

    Can you imagine trying NOT to work with and/or have an impact on the bottom line of some "family business"?

  8. bea


    Is Internet advertising so discredited that Triads are offended if you try to involve them?

    Somehow I think not. I'm planning on a visit Saturday, so I'll list a 'reference' this time.

    Who knew that a massage could turn your dark hair gray and those brown eyes blue?

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    Who says JohnB/MadChaos doesn't have a sense of humor ????

    JAG Discussion Board: General Discussion: A word of advice to Slinkybender
    By friend on Thursday, August 23, 2001 - 11:50 pm:

    I understand that you wish to make money running UG by soliciting advertisement from various agencies, MPs, and indies. It is perfectly understandable as you are not a rich man.

    As your friend, I would advise you against going over to the West Garden Spa soliciting for advertisement. This place is being backed by Korean mobs, supported by Chinese Triads. Your visit over there asking to advertise will not please them. These people will look at it as a threat to their profit margin. For your own personal safety, please refrain from going over there.

    I understand your desire to make profit running UG. But this is not the way to do it. You can make money through advertisement if you do what TBD does. But that wouldn't be fair to fellow hobbyists, would it?

    Please take this as a friendly advice coming from your friend. I would hate to see your dark hair turning grey, as you already have plenty of grey hair. Please run UG for the sake of fun, not for the desire to make money.


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    Thanks bro ( oh, shit, I'm Carl ! ). I'm hoping that if a few guys do the same thing, they'll remember the name UG and when I hit them up they will understand.
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    hey slinky,

    i spontaneously decided to give west garden spa a try on my way home last night, and having seen your request, did answer the question of where i heard about the place with the response, the utopia guide.

    i go a confused look and a huh from the woman, so i repeated, the utopia guide, its a website, and she just said, oh from the website, ok and contiuned on...

    so i don't know if i helped you out any, but i tried.

    its a very nice place, btw.
  14. Casper


    Where is West Garden Spa?
  15. Slinky Bender

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    A favor to ask of the membership: From "talking" with a bunch of you, it seems like WGS has gotten a bunch of business off of UG, but they don't know it. If anyone goes there, could you please mention this site ? Drop me a note and let me know, because would like to speak with them in a week or so and hit them up for an ad here.