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  1. SeanOdell


    Went to WGS twice, including last weekend. First time saw "Michelle" who was a pretty, mid-twenties, fairly busty asian girl. Second time saw "Lee" (how original) who was about 30yrs old, slender and also pretty/asian. Both gave great massages. Both had happy ending. Both allowed light touching. Lee allowed me to go under the shirt and suck on her nipple, as I had forgotten to bring mine :) Michelle was more attractive, IMHO, but Lee was more enthusiastic. Lee was VERY watchful of her postition to the window on the door, but it did not detract from her strong effort on the finish. I would repeat with both. Gave Michelle 55 and Lee 70. I know, more than I've heard is standard, but I can't help myself sometimes....
  2. dave, cheers to you and your gal...

    well, dave, since you are a familiar face there, i assure you that the mamasan/receptionist will greet you with open arms once she sees the two of you...tip her a little something and tell her you want two girls who have worked together for a slow massage...you know...you probably don't even have to tip her, she'll accomodate regardless...and, no, i'm sorry that i don't remember the names of those two girls or any for that matter...they've been pretty much interchangeable...but a word of advice...once they have you both on the table start showing mutual appreciation of each other (ie, handholding, carresses, etc) and then softly touch the side of each of your masseusses leg...these acts will give confidence to your masseuses and they will be a more open to certain 'extras' if i dare say...have fun...and remember to be oblivious to their presence when you guys are ready to be alone and they will discreetly leave the room...have fun!!!
  3. davepc71


    Thanks sleeplessnewyorker!

    Wow! Thank you very much for that reply and extremely informative review. I will definitely call first to make sure that my g/f and I can be accomodated that evening.
    Just out of curiosity though, you don't happen to remember the attendants names do you? (Not that that was too high on your priority list at the time, but thought I'd ask anyway :) )
    Thanks Again!
  4. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    Re: couples at wsg

    I have a friend who's a stripper and has been asking me to take her to a MP for 6 months. While WSG sounds interesting, the crux of the session still seems to remain between the two customers, as I would expect there. I would love to find a place that offers extras for the couple. In fact my friend's main turn on is to see me getting BJ while she is getting oral from me. One big happy family ;-)

    Damn, I need to call her.
  5. NJ_Man1


    Very little extra

    I've been to WGS several times. Not much extra except for the standard. Some ladies were even shy about mutual light touch. But the massage has always been GREAT!
  6. couples at wsg

    first of all, this is my first day on ug...and i love this board...it's quite open...different...

    well, a month ago i brought my girlfriend in on a thursday evening...i called first and said that i wanted a massage for my girlfriend and myself...they said come on down...once i got there, i got the big smile from the hostess...i've been there probably three times prior and i guess she was surprised i had a significant other...

    they lead jill to directly to the massage room, so she can change into her towel, then they wisk her off to the scrub girl...after we meet up and are both hand walked to the room...they set up a second massage table in the room and 2 girls begin individual massages...then, not even 10 min. into session, the masseuses encourage us to touch each other, caress, etc. all the while jill is getting a slight lower back walking and i'm being soft-massaged by my masseuse in "all" the right places...after 1/2 hour of this sensual seduction/ecstacy, our tables are pushed together (i forget whether or not the were locked actually)...the masseuses then roll jill and i into an embrace so that we can perform our own exploratories and the masseuse are still hands-on...it was quite, however, hearing them giggle with other...and, come to think of it, because of all the attention, i was giving jill, i didn't even once think of grabbing on to one of the other girls but, nonetheless, their hands kept a roaming everywhere...after a few minutes of group touchy feely, they discreetly left the room to us...we must have spent another 1/2 hour on those connected tables...it was around 10pm so maybe they gave us latitude with the room...gave each girl afterwards their usual individual tips and they seemed happy enough...

    ...this can also be a solution to a nyc short-stay!

    happy adventuring!!!
  7. davepc71


    .02 on WGS and a ?

    Hey all, long-time-lurker and hobbyist, 1st time poster...

    I've been to WGS numerous times, and have had a different masseuse each time, and have always received an exceptional massage with a happy ending. The way WGS is set-up doesn't really lend itself to extras being available (little windows on the door) which, IMHO, I look at as a good thing (keeping LE and RudyRats at bay). The ONLY "downside" to WGS if you will, is that it can be a bit crowded at times. Although I've never had to wait longer than 10/15 min. in steam or sauna, upon returning to the locker room I've seen as many as 8 other hobbyists in there...some may find this unsettling, but ultimately, we're all family I guess :)

    However, on their website they do offer housecalls for slightly more than the door fee plus taxi fare....Has anyone tried this route for possible extras?


    P.S. - Their site offers "couples" massage sessions...I know it's a longshot, but has anyone ventured down this road?
  8. MJC185


    Rare, yes

    Very rare, but possible. As I have said before, the one girl i knew who spoke french left and the girl who wanted to meet me away from the spa is no longer there either. It's not like you can ask the mama-san either, as they frown on extras there and the girls do it on the DL.

    So basically it's a crap shoot. The tough thing is that you will rarely, if ever get extras ona first visit, but you want to try new girls....makes it hard, no? Why not flat out ASK a girl, if you've had a great session and nice HR, if she would ever do anything else?

  9. burgoyne


    hey nyguy

    while may be no "extra " there they do offer a great massage with a pleasant ending
  10. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    While I have heard them "alluded to" on a few occassions, my own experience and that of others I trust says that the odds are very poor that you will find them ( other than the "standard extra" ).
  11. nyguy


    What's the word on extras?