West Nyack Pyanyang (or something) in Rockland

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by megajimbo69, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. tits$ass


    I highly doubt you will get more than Hugh Jackman and roaming. However, if more can be had, Good Luck!
  2. ezkb420


    mary is where it is at

    went to spa just around closing time. actually an hour before. had a full hour with roaming. i certainly felt on the return trip i would be able to get a little extra( some nudity and more roaming) anyway after the flip she asked do you want massge here. who was i to say no. anyway good massage and she was very good with her hands. also went with a friend who was able to get more on first visit. according to him you havre to know how to work them. certainly will go back!
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  3. tits$ass


    It seems the Rockland AMP's will stay in business as long as this is all they do. The only way to avoid the LE up there.
  4. Onehornyguy


    Basically same service for me and i went twice-also the place on rte 303 about 2 miles south of this location-same thing-Rockland sucks-Ct Rules.
  5. Nicetomeet_u_2


    Nothing Interesting

    I have also been to this place, I asked for half hour, for $40. mamasan understood what I want, gave me young, but not really attractive girl.

    Quick ok massage, HR on the flip, with outside roaming.

    The place does not look promising at all, I wont be back.

    I would rather take my risks somewhere else, atleast while she is doing my back, I can Fantasize about whats could happen on the flip, even though it may not happen, the back rub is more enjoably atleast.
  6. Lazlo Hollyfeld

    Lazlo Hollyfeld

    I was there once. Nice looking girl, but the way it was going I was getting scared that it was going to be nothing more than a legitimate massage. It took a little persuasion after the flip, so needless to say I was just happy to get JO'd. Probably won't be returning.
  7. megajimbo69


    I don't think FS is in the cards, but it's possible that nekkidness might be possible on return trips.

    Guess there's only one way to find out....

    Any other Rockland boys in the know?
  8. falcon10


    I think the name of the place is Pyun Han Spa...I had a similar experience with this place a few months back. Average looking girl (don't remember the name), friendly attitude, some light roaming, and decent HR. Haven't returned for a second visit, but I don't think much more is available here...
  9. megajimbo69


    Short version, s.o. home soon:

    Strip mall rt. 59 west, just west of nyack. Sixty to the house. last four numbers "0000"

    See bergen record classified or journal news sports section....

    Former doctor's office, clean, shower available, thin walls. As you walk in, you can see the K-girls watching K-TV on your right. 25 - 40 yrs, some cute.

    I got Annie, appx. 30, 5'3", 120lbs, a good solid 6.5 -7.0. Asked for two pops, got some resistance, dreaded cow milking on the first pop.

    Then, a good strong, competent massage, (through a sheet), flip, then a more affectionate HJ and release for the second pop. Some OTC north of the waist roaming allowed. Finished the hour with more light massage.

    Saw the US Grant tip, became much more affectionate on the way out. Kisses and hugs. "come see me, I'm only off on Thurs". Dressed me, and I was off.

    Think I'll repeat w/ Annie. I'll report next visit. Other girls were hor as well

    I actually wrote a review in full sentences, but couldn't post.

    Garage opening, bye....
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