Westbury model 4 hire any info???

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by flyaruba, Jul 25, 2001.

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  1. pedsaf


    You hit the nail on the head. I am definitely not a photographer, i dont pretend to be one. But i think more men can relate to this than would admit.
  2. fishfry


    I'd like to put in my two cents on this topic.

    I've done a number of serious photo shoots with erotic models, and when I do that it's generally posing in exchange for prints. Also it's not sexual for me. I channel all my sexual energy into paying attention to my job -- taking pictures -- and that's what a pro photo session feels like.

    Having had that experience, I can also totally related to being in a sleazy motel with a woman who doesn't give a shit if you take great pictures or not as long as you pay her. She knows it's not about the photos, it's about you jerking off after she leaves. And for all you know you could ask, "Is it ok if I masturbate?" and I have a feeling she'd say yes.

    So I can see both sides of it. A serious photo shoot is hard work, you spend more time screwing with duct tape and lighting than you do thinking about the naked lady. Because the agreement is that you are expected to deliver some usable photos. So it's a job.

    And a sleazy motel with a woman who doesn't even care if there's film in the camera -- that's something else.

  3. pedsaf


    Yes as much as i hate to admit it, the whole cheap motel thing does something for me. Im no sexual deviate or anything, i just have different tastes than most. Call me strange if you want but i really enjoyed my time with her. However i can understand why people would think it was a waste of $. Fortunately in the economy of today 100.00 doesnt buy much and doesnt set me back that much.

    Take care and good luck in any endeavors
  4. Hotpuppy

    Hotpuppy Mr.Butterworth

    I have a buddy who used to be a professional photographer, and still likes to keep his hand, as it were in, the business. He photographs amazing women all the time and his "posing" choices are often unusual and exotic( we're not talking about trying to emulate Penthouse shots here). Thing is, he doesnt pay a nickel, just makes sure the model has a good selection of prints. This guy could get a lot more than images if he wanted to, but chooses not to. My point is, sharpen your photographic skills, maybe take a course, and then advertise for models. What you save in their fees will buy you some great equipment and some very interesting encounters. Unless of course your interest really is in paying girls to take cheap motel shots.
    take care HP
  5. pedsaf


    Call me a perve, but to be alone with a girl in a hotel room with her being completely nude and me being allowed to pose her anyway i like was well worth the 100.00 Of course some sort of release would have made it complete but who know what the future will hold
  6. Eye Won

    Eye Won


    I would agree. You would pay 100.00 bucks to have a girl model for you with mo interaction... I could do that at a strip club and at least get a lap dance... Im not sure I get the whole thing.... Were you allowed to at least get yourself off or was that a no no.....
    Just curious...
  7. zach

    zach Bronze

    She looks GOOD..I'd settle 4 a HJ, from her..
  8. mcheck57


    what was so great about it that makes u want more?
  9. pedsaf


    I saw her yesterday, she was very young looking but of legal age, i asked for ID. She never offered more than a photo shoot, which was ok. She was very photogenic and very comfortable with being nude. She was very accomodating with any shots i asked for and as much as she didnt offer sex the whole experience did intrigue me and i would do it again. her website is:


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  10. flyaruba


    Found her on aol..... her screen name is
    "XpoisonsAngelX" look at her aol profile which has a link to her geocities web page... in her web page She had a GREAT body and 36 D
    We instant messaged she gets 150 ronald reagans for up to 1hr of nude photos... no spa or escort!!!!
    she meets at Pines motel in Westbury you get room and call her, then her driver brings her.
    I backed out after while chatting about our pending meet she asked if her friend could be in room too...... I assumed it was her driver.
    Just didint feel right or safe about this. When I backed out of offer and aplogied to her she responded to "Thanks for wasting my time too!"
    Check out her aol profile and see her web page.... just be careful for your safety.
    Her site is GREAT!
    I like daytime meetings too.... wasnt crazy about meeting at 9pm
    Ive been to Pines in westbury.. I know there are security camera's in all the hall ways...... but this didnt seem safe!