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  1. nixie


    500 posts?!?!? That's a lot of chicks to see!
  2. JunkMan


    WGS is an OK place

    I have been to WGS a dozen or so times and robneville summed it up: go relax and get pampered for an hour. Do not expect anything more than a HR and YMMV depending on the girl you happen to get that day. You should go elsewhere if you are looking for more.
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    Gold is the next one at 500 posts.......unless the APM decides to grace you with a custom one.
  4. robneville


    I think if you go to WGS looking for an AMP/brothel type experience you'll be disappointed. It's really a spa/massage establishment that happens to offer HR. I go for the reaxing sauna and massage - the HR is a nice bonus. Just go, relax, and allow yourself to be pampered for an hour.
  5. nixie


    See that's what I am talking about...many MP's or AMP's make you feel like you are being appreciated, they make you feel sexy. I thought WGS spa would be like this but sometimes I feel like I am in a sci-fi movie. We are experiments, and they, in their white wear and their perfect hair make are the doctors of the future. The geniuses of their planet.

    By the way, what is the next level? I like silver, but I am just wondering!
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  6. ahandshake


    table showers?

    What exactly is involved in a table shower? One of the girls there asked me about it once and I had no idea what it was. When I asked her what it involved, she didn't seem to understand. I thought she was going to get somebody to answer my question, but then both she and the girl who came in ignored me. Oh well.

    I made an appointment with Yuki a couple of days ago, and when I finally got into the waiting room near the door, about fifteen or twenty minutes after I arrived since Yuki "wasn't ready yet", I was told I would have to wait a half-hour for her. I was pressed for time at that point so I just decided to go with whomever they gave me.

    I got a Korean woman named Sue, who wasn't beautiful but wasn't too bad looking (she looked like she was in her late 20s or *maybe* early 30s). Fairly slim, dressed in the usual outfit.

    Unlike Yuki, she didn't ask me what kind of massage I wanted and started off by putting a sheet over me. She then proceeded with a really hard massage which I wasn't comfortable with. I *hated* receiving massages until I tried out a West Garden Spa (the *only* massage parlor I've been to) and got a soft oil massage from Yuki. This was killing me, but I figured it was only a precursor, since Yuki started with a normal massage and then moved into the oil massage.

    After about ten minutes or so, I told her I needed something lighter and asked for a soft oil massage. She complied and proceeded with one that was nowhere near as good as Yuki's in technique.

    She did touch my nether regions a bit more than Yuki when the massage got down towards my thighs, but it seemed more rigid, more cold... not sure how to better explain it. It didn't feel as "warm"? Shoot... never mind, I'll stop trying. :)

    Anyway, she didn't have any objections when I started roaming once she started the manual part. I was able to roam the bottom over her pants (she didn't object when I rubbed hard between her legs), and I was able to roam under the bra.

    I asked if I could suck on "them", meaning her breasts, but she said no as if it was an obvious answer. I'm not sure if she understood me, though, because she might have thought I was asking for her to suck on me, which would have been nice but was not what I was looking for.

    After the release, she continued a little bit more with the massage, but I was out of there in about ten minutes afterwards. She let me know her name and then I gave her a decent tip, intended for Yuki.

    Not too bad overall, but I would much rather have had Yuki. I'm curious about that whole "switching girls" theory that somebody presented earlier in this thread. I guess I'll find out if that's true the next time I make an appointment with Yuki.
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    Hey, isn't that Bill's job? Welcome to silver.
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    Congrats Nixie !
  9. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Sure. Congrats, welcome to silver, yadda, yadda.
  10. nixie


    Well I tried this place out once again and I have decided that it is YMMV. I get there early afternoon so it is quieter than usual, they say Julie will be ready soon, I say no thanks, they weren't happy. Then they say wait 10 minutes for Yuki. Less then 5 minutes later a girl names Soony comes to get me They aren't organized but I figure who cares. I don't bother making apppointments with a specific girl because reviews on this board indicate that they switch the girl on you anyway.
    Massage was OK, I was very cold, because they took me downstairs. Great cup of coffee but I wanted to and their was plenty of time, so why didn't I get it? Overall experience was OK. I tipped an OK tip, she wasn't happy.
    I have been to this place a few times and I am thinking, that it is too sterile, too clean, too nice. Sometimes you just want to get down and dirty, and this isn't the place for that. If I needed to induct a young guy into the Spa hobby, I would start here. But, I don't know how quickly I will be running back there.
    By the way, can I get a congrats on my 100th post?!
  11. nixie


    table showers

    Again the table shower at WGS was nothing special-- if anyone knows of a good table shower experience please let me know.
  12. MrNY

    MrNY Subject to blackouts

    again, today......

    went at 11:30 - saw julie (got the job done, but i would not recomend her)

    a friend came along, had a new girl - elle? he had a fabulous time.......

    supposedly, the majority of the girls don't come in until 1:00 - just and FYI
  13. jaydevice


    One of the girls at WSG made me memorize her phone number once. I thought this might lead to an offsite encounter with extras. Called her about two weeks later. She had had no idea, or pretended to have no idea, who I was. Who knows, there could be a thousand reasons for this. Anyhow... gave me hope for the potential of extras there though there's really no stories floating around to back that hope.

    Before anyone asks, sorry, won't post her name, any risk of getting her in trouble/fired is too much of a risk. Especially since nothing came of it.

    The moral... I guess if you want extras, you go to a place that is known for them, though it's always fun to hope (and good business to give the customers reasons to hope).
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  14. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Good first-time post nixie!

    I have only been to one asian place. It was almost 5 years ago around the corner from Moe Ginsburg's store. When the girl offered a table shower, I passed on it because I was worried that someone would rip off my wallet or something. I should have taken it, she came back all wet and I had the towel to dry her off. She gave me a CBJ, then I was on top for awhile. She wanted to give me a HJ to finish me off, but I told her I wanted to do her doggie style. I think it was the first time I ever came while wearing a rubber, other than with a CBJ.
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  15. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman


    Where was the place you talked about that gave you good service in northern NJ I think I know a few but not sure what you are looking for. in terms of extras.
  16. rtala34



    Great technique you set up incall a couple of times and then you go out that is a good method.

    At WGS mamason has the girls on lockdown if we could get them out of there for an hour I think we would be in luck. I may try a side arrrangement next time i go there.

    The Japanese chick sounded like an excellent experience I love the Japanese
  17. rtala34


    Yo Sod

    where are the good f/s Massage places in Northern Jersey or Central.

    I used to go to this great place that LE broke up a while back a great massage follwed by a great experience I am still looking for another place like that
  18. sod


    "Now, how did I do for my first time?"

    You pissed someone off with your table shower complaint, but otherwise I suppose you did fine. Then again, don't pay attention to me. I don't participate nearly enough in this hobby to merit all the comments I make on these boards. And I've never been to WGS. Sounds like a nicer, cleaner Jersey AMP. I may be wrong, but w/o FS, there's not much reason for me to cross the Hudson.
  19. Cheater


    Massage outcall

    you raise an interesting point- has anyone gotten more from a massage outcall? It would seem that the girl would be more willing to do more for a good tip since there is no "mamasan" watching. I know b/c it has happened to me a couple of times.

    I once got a massage outcall from a Japanese place, I think it was Kasa or something like that (it used to advertise in NY Mag but I think its gone now). The girls name was Nanako- she started off trying to do a massage, but apparently she was really horny. I was on my front, I reached around and touched her and before I knew it, clothes were flying, she was giving me a bbbj and then she rode me cowgirl. All for $$ (the fee was $20 plus 80 tip). It was a nice surprise, to say the least. Unfortunately, I didn't call the place for a couple of months and I think they have closed.

    The other time I called a place on the E Side that I frequented and Julie came over - I had seen her several times and she ended up giving me bbbjtc. Unfortunately this place is gone too.

    Anyone else have similar massage outcall experiences?
  20. rtala34


    Of Course I meant the West Garden Spa

    When I got a cup in the shower room it was by this pretty banging Latina who does not work there any longer. This girl was so fly that I basically begged her to meet me at a hotel or at my Apt.

    She claims she was unable because she was always working

    has anyone ever gotten outcall from WGS they claim to offer it but everytime i try I get shut out?

    i cannot say enough good things about this placeit is great for what it is. i wish the girls went a little further but i guess that is what keeps them in business

    Two cups is usually availible but you must ask.

    By the way nixie you did good but what is your beef with the table shower?