What choice would you make?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by BigMadM, Feb 6, 2003.

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  1. betty_snj


    no problem BMM...that's why I'm here for to put a big smile on people's face when reading my comments.

    makes the world a little better don't u think?

    but I'm still rooting for Mrs BMM to go alone with her sister and do some...huh...bonding :)
  2. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Betty-thankyou for making me laugh on this Miserable Friday.
    If this person was me, I have no doubt in my mind, Id let her travel with her sister. I dont worry about things I have no control over.
    The event planning I would undertake for myself, would rival the Bush's administrations war room.
  3. Kimba


    Leave the Gun,Take the Canoli-

    Sister wins-Tell your wife-"I would love to go,but since we travel all the time,take your sister.Tell her it was your idea,that I said you decide and I don't mind at all."

    If you will miss your wife,and your marriage is good-take the sister-
    If you love your wife,and trust your wife-take the sister
    If you don't trust your wife-take the sister and tell her I trust you,and have a good time.Then fuck everything you can for retribution.
  4. betty_snj


    Damn Daniel, please do not spoil Mrs BMM plans!

    Every woman needs some "bonding" once in a while, specially if is done laying down in the beach side by side with your sister talking about life back home when you're getting a massage by strong caribbean hands, whispering sweet nothings on your ears.

    What a life!

    If I ever win the lottery (or get a rich hubby) this is the first thing I will do.

    Fly down there and hire the best looking guys in the island to pamper ALL my needs.
  5. Shoreguy

    Shoreguy Silver

    You never know

    Maybe not if he can keep the image of a giant island snake pounding the SO while his UTR sucks his dick he may just stay true to his first love, this hobby :)
  6. Daniel_NYC


    I guess that decided it! BigMadM is going to the Bahamas!
  7. daro

    daro in loco CM


    BMM, great story. I love gambling stories and movies.
    Only goes to prove, they're never off the clock, if an opportunity
  8. betty_snj


    Let her go with her sister.
    She might said...ohhh but I want to go with you!!!!...but not really meaning lol.
    Bahamas...Atlantis??? Damn those young caribbean hardbodied hunks walking up and down the beach are the best scenary.
    Not to say they just love to give some caribbean jerk to the lonely wives spending some time away from their hubbies.
    Nothing like a young stud wooing you like you're the most beautiful and sexy woman in this world to make you feel like a million bucks and rejuvenated. Is better than plastic surgery and you come home with that healthy "glow".
    Been there...done that...and it's fun :)
    Hubby is away, no harm done right?

    Let her go with her sister and do some "bonding". She will be back a happier wife for you.
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  9. Daniel_NYC


    I am 17 years old, in times square to get a fake I.D. that says I'm 19 so that I can get beer. (The drinking age was 18 at the time)

    A brother approaches me and asks if I would like to spend some time with a beautiful lady. I ask how much and he quotes $60.00.

    He explains that I pay him and he will go to the pay phone on the corner and make the phone call to the girl in the room and then I can go up.

    I hand over the cash, he gives me the room number and he proceeds to place the call on the corner. He gives me the o.k. and I head up to the room.

    Needless to say nobody ever did answer that hotel room door, and when I went downstairs the brother was no where to be found.
  10. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    Its funny, I dont think about every hobby related event in my life, but then I read something and it triggers a memory.
    A little off on a tagent, but hobby related.
    Around late 70s, I must have gone to Bridgeport, Milford, and
    Dania(Florida) Jaialai arenas over a 100 times in a ten year period.
    I decide to hobby in Milford area, go up, book a room at the holiday inn off of exit 40. On the main strip. Had some yellow page ads and got myself a 2 hour appt with a girl around 3 pm.
    I only remember she was my age then, and was nothing special.
    But I was in 20s so I could just keep going and she was ok with that.
    After session ended, I tell her Im off to eat and Jaialai.She asks if Id mind company, off the clock naturally, so what the hell, shes an alright girl I figure. We grab dinner at The Gathering(I think that was the name of the restaurant) and off to Milford.
    I tell her Ill bet around 20 bucks each game and the first game I win, well split the winnings. She loved me now.
    So were having fun, yelling, rooting. 5 or 6 games go by. Nothing.
    I hit finally, on a 20buck ticket, 10 quinella bet..that I remember...it was something like 34 bucks each quinella..so its a 340 win.....shes holding ticket so she volunteers to cash in and buy next games bets and I go get us some food at concession.
    So im sitting and waiting, and waiting, her dogs are getting cold, and Im waiting.....and she never came back.....those who fuck whores, sometimes really get fucked by whores.
    Live and learn baby.
    Just sharing some old war stories.
  11. sean960



    I always get a warm feeling when those two are mentioned in the same quote...
  12. Casper


    And you can bet on sporting events in convenience stores. Similar to playing the lottery in the US. Fill out a card or two for sporting events, give them the money for the bet and off you go.
  13. jseah


    Now that the kids are in high school, isn't it even more important that one of you are around to make sure no keg parties are being hosted at the house while you are gone????

    ........ahhhhh those were the good old days.....
  14. drew_park


    The postings have digressed a bit so let me bring it back to the basic question.

    I sometimes have similar opportunities (is that the right word?). The missus gets these deals associated with her job - -conferences, workshops - - that take her out of town for several days. I can ALWAYS go but I insist she travel alone (or actually with her co-workers).

    That way she has fun doing things that SHE likes to do and get to stay home doing things that I like to do.

    It was easier when the kids were smaller - - someone had to be Mr Mom. But now with the kids more or less on their own in high school, I can live an "almost" single man existance for a few days and ALL that comes with it (wink wink).
  15. daro

    daro in loco CM


    Gamblers will gamble on anything. You give them a line or
    odds and they have to bet. They need the action. They need the rush. Hobbying gives you that same rush. You need to be in action. Gamblers also make great johns. You win money
    gambling. You spend it on wine, women, and food, rather than
    give it back. Just my .02. ( a single guy who gambles religiously,
    and prays a lot )
  16. Waist Product

    Waist Product

    yeah// use some of that R E V E R S E muthafuckin pchycology on her ass////

    thatll show her.
  17. jack sprat

    jack sprat

    montreal is 1000% better than atlantic city. great hotels, restaurants, clubs and a tolerant commercial sex scene.

    the only drawbacks are that it can be awfully cold and the women can be real bitches if you don't speak french. obviously, the latter is not an issue with the providers as they will be the ones speaking french.
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  18. pilot


    Use some psychology and make her want very much to spend some one-on-one time with her sister. Surely she hasn't done that for a whille, right? And what a nice guy you'll be. Of course, you, on the other hand, have a tough schedule at the office.
  19. JackT


    add in lotteries, horses, dogs, jai alai and sports bettors, and I'd say quite a lot.
  20. pav60


    Montreal is like being in heaven for a hobbist! I really can't believe a hobbist, such as yourself hasn't been to Montreal.
    Girls are hot and VERY inexpensive (remember the conversion rate $1.53 cn = $1.00 US) I am here now......till next Wed......Come on up and I'll show you around!