What do you GUYs look for in Ts provider

Discussion in 'Shemale / Trannsexual' started by TS Stella, Aug 24, 2006.

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  1. TS Stella

    TS Stella


    thanks for your honest opinion. I have come to realize that many johns, like a versatile girl and some dont even wanna touch my cock.
  2. Danny Partridge

    Danny Partridge

    a) Most important thing is a passable face. Some guys like mannish looking TS's, but that's not my thing.

    b) Functional. I don't get guys who want to be with a TS but don't want them to have a dick. What's the point of that?

    c) Versatile. See b.

    d) Sweetness. Too many TS's are harder than the hardest street ho.

    e) No rush service. Too many "cum and get the fuck out of here" in TS land.

    f) This isn't just TS's, but any provider: kissing and BBBJ. You don't have to be a G to be GFE.

    PS You seem really nice and I'd see you, but physically you are not my type (too large/tall), and you're not versatile.
  3. TS Stella

    TS Stella

    hey there im just trying to figure out what guys on here wnt from their transexxual provider?? cim what?