What happened to Mong?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by spunky168, Jan 20, 2003.

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  1. woodmany


    Regarding Mong


    Regarding Mong I had the same experience. She was complaining about how long I went, size, her sweating and the more she complained the longer I held. She tried all the noises and fake orgasms but they were so not believablethat was I would have let go of in 20 minutes went 45-50. But for a woman who is not very thin I found her body kind of fun. She was 1.4 so not cheap and for me it was more the challenge of getting in to see her without speaking chinese.

    Three weeks ago she said she was going away towards the middle of January and would be away for 30 days.
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  2. spunky168



    No need to apologize. I hear what you are saying. Be careful with the BBBJ though. Just fought off a candida infection and I was pretty sure it came from bbbj. I am not really into the bbbj/bb experience in general unless it's with someone that I am steady with and we went and tested everything under the sun together.

    All you cruisers, stay safe and happy cruising.

    I hope our MM doesn't disappear on us like the Korean beauty.

  3. teeduke



    We all have different taste and standards. That's what makes the world so interesting. One thing we all can agree on though is hobbying!
  4. lonewolf69


    Spunk, J1Sauce,

    Dudes, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to IMPLY she COULDN'T be your ATF... !!! Of course ATF is all about chemistry between you and your partner!!! Again please do accept my sincerest of apologies!

    I was just surprised as all heck, because myself and others thought the following of her:

    1. Mechanical
    2. Fairly attractive, see my other posting on SCALE 1-10 (she's 6 ~ 7)
    3. Nothing special everything covered
    4. No Rimming/Asian
    5. No DFK (seem to remember LFK)
    6. Reminded me of an ORDINARY session at a regular AMP

    So when others also agreed it was about ths same, I thought for the longest of time she was just average, so to here you say ATF, really took me by surpise is ALL!!!

    My ATF, was a beautiful young Korean provider at 149th Street during the summer months of 2002, she was there for all of TWO months and according to MAMA-SAN she went back to Korea, her name was ****Y. About 5'4", B Cups, face like an ANGEL, and we covered the ALPHABET in everything!!!! DFK, BBBJ, DATY, etc.... I DIED when I heard she left for Korea (Doctor LOVE, if you're reading this, this is FIGURATIVE, I don't really MEAN I DIED, ok?)
    I spent weeks upon weeks trying to find a substitute ATF but to no avail, I really REALLY started to fall for her, almost to the point of asking her out on a real DATE just to get to know her more... :(

    Damn I miss her... Did any of you EVER meet ****y over at 149th and Northern???? :(

    PS. Did I mention she cuddles really nice and giggles like a schoolgirl when tickled the right way???!?? :)

    I just found others from that SAME listing in "Chinese newspaper translations" who were much more giving, especially with BBBJ!!!

    To me personally, an ATF would have to AT LEAST provide BBBJ and if NOT then she better be able to CUDDLE like crazy afterwards and make it seem like she means i
  5. Mxaah


    Re: China

    Well, I guess what's beautiful to you might not be as beautiful to others. My ATF was Yumi at Julie's although she wasn't much to look at, her attitude made up for looks and more.

    Just a thought.
  6. teeduke


    That's a first.

    Usually they say "I love you long time." And they say it before, not after.
  7. j1sauce

    j1sauce I'm back

    mm good


    I never got any special treatment either, but as you said she is a really nice person and even though I can't speak the language, we were able to comunicate just fine in broken English. One time she surprised me as I was walking out the door she said, "I love you" I nearly tripped down the stairs. She's in China for a month visiting her child. I "fondly" remember her.


    btw, what happened to woooo? he hasn't posted since last year.
  8. spunky168


    Thanks for the info. guys.

    Well, I guess I can't say I got any special treatment or anything like that but she is a really nice person. I don't think she is that mechanical. I think people say that she is partly because it can seem that way especially if you don't take any initiative but regardless, I consider her to be an ATF in part b/c she is very nice and fun to talk with. Guess it's more of a chemistry thing/comfort more than anything else. I do agree that the AMP experience probably might provide more variety and even hotter slam bam thank you m'am experience but M.M. suits me just fine.

  9. bigyi21


    yeah i believe mong said she was going to china around this time. i dont know about an atf though but hey everyone makes their own choices. but for me she was a bit too mechanical and everything was covered and it was just like any other amp that offers full service but a little cheaper.
  10. teeduke



    She told me she was planning to go back to China for awhile near the end of January.

    Mong seemed nice, but not the beauty that others have made her out to be. Also have to agree with Lonewolf; very mechanical session. However, that's just my take.
  11. lonewolf69



    Mong, was your ATF? No come on really, she was very VERY mechanical... At least more than one UG member has commented on this... Did you get an EXTRA special treatment?


    Inquiring minds certainly want to know...
  12. spunky168


    Queens rider,

    I have been trying to contact Mong for the past 3 days. No one picks up the phone. Does anyone know what happended to her? I dialed 718-939-****.

    Woooo, any update?? I go away for 3 weeks and my ATF is missing.

    TIA for any info from UG brothers.

    BTW, 1F has returned to old place when I spoke with ****ifer last Friday.