What I did on my Summer vacation (or "Vickie at Julie's")

Discussion in 'New York' started by Humble Narrator, Jul 28, 2001.

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  1. marquez156


    Yes she looks delicious

    I will make an appt as well, what a bod!

    She is so beautiful!
  2. bro_xtian


    thanks humble narrator. i saw this post just after i made my inquiry in that other thread.

    i was really hoping for a nice, relaxed bbbj to start off with, from whomever i decided to go with, but she looks so beautiful, and from your description of events seems to make up for it in other ways, so maybe i will just have to meet her anyway.

    i had to push back any excursion til later in the week, damn life getting in the way of a badly needed good time!
  3. Julienyc


    Re: What I did on my Summer vacation (or

    wow!! I am hot just reading this , exuse me for awhile while I think about this post ,
  4. Casper


    Busted my Julie's Cherry

    Like HN I too finally made it to Julie's last night for my first encounter. I had arranged ahead of time to meet Angel. She's a P.Rr. gal 5'8" C breasts I think very soft and tasty, friendly, can be a bit wild and accomodating.

    Julie's place reminded me a bit of the old Tifanny's (been discussed in another thread) so I immediately had good vibes. Angel and I got comfy, talked briefly then got down to the fun stuff. BBBJ, DATY, but IMHO just shy of a GFE (no kissing involved but YMMV or mine in this case). Overall a good experience which I'll probably repeat but only after sampling a few others first. Angel has a hot body (not too thin not heavy by any stretch), but again I'm partial to the Latin ladies.

    Hope this helps and I'm glad I was finally able to get over to Julie's. Spoke to Beverly afterwards about 5 minutes, she's a doll. And boy I can't wait to plug in my PIN at the website and see what other goodies await me now that I'm oficially a "member".

    Peace Out
  5. dlb737



    Thanks Mr. Narrator.

    After reading all the good posts about Julie and her establishment, I decided to take the plunge and will try to see her early next week.

    I come from Jersey which is why I delayed the inevitable - but been reading just too many good things abour the establishment.

    Thanks again for clinching it for me!
  6. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    Yes, sports fans, your Humble Narrator finally made it to Julie's tonight and even got to meet the Lady herself. Julie and I immediately recognized each other, but neither can remember where we've met! Anyway, Beverly led me through a dazzling array of ladies to a room. Now, I know most of our NYC guys here on the board have been long-time fans of Julie's, so keep in mind I am really doing this part for new folks. All the available ladies came in and introduced themselves. There were about 7 or 8, so I had trouble deciding. I eventually settled on Vickie, who has been with Julie about 3 weeks.

    Vickie is an early-twenties Jamaican girl that has just about the most perfect body and face I've ever seen. I noticed on the web site that she looks terrific and in person she's just a vision. Now, if you don't like slender girls, look elsewhere. Vickie is absolutely svelte. While not really a breast man, her natural C breasts were really something.

    We both got comfortable and she proceeded to ravage me. I asked her if we could slow down and just cuddle, caress and touch for a bit. She looked a little surprised, but said, "sure!" We talked and kissed and cuddled for quite a while. Her kisses (such unbelievably soft lips!) had a dramatic effect on me. I began a lovely exploration of her body, which ultimately involved some very urgent fondliings and her insistence that I not stop. Well, I didn't stop, but decided I had to taste. This was all she needed. We repeated steps 1-4 an additional time, just to make sure we had it right ;-)

    We then proceeded to some nice cbj, then on to multi position fun. While I could have reached Nirvana several times throughout this phase, I held back. We ultimately had a dueling self-service which culminated in simultaneous ecstasy, of which mine wound up all over her chest and belly. Oh my.

    Afterwards, we cuddled for about another 15 minutes during which she told me a lot about herself and quite a bit of personal stuff. I really like this lady. She's genuine.

    Something interesting she mentioned that I have heard quite a bit from providers lately is that not a few clients really act badly during sessions. Some are very rough without asking and some are just mean and insulting. I just don't get it. Guys, please show some respect to these ladies. Perhaps some of it is cultural, that we think that any woman who sells it must be garbage. I don't subscribe to this sentiment at all. These ladies are working very hard, usually, for the money and we ought to treat them right. That's my lecture for today.

    So, in summary, Vickie was excellent. Looks 9.5, service 8.5, attitude 9. Of course, YMMV, so don't harangue me if she doesn't become your ATF.

    I will repeat, but probably not until after seeing Chantal!

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