What is the Strangest, Quirkiest, or Weirdest thing you can recall in a session

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by BigMadM, Feb 21, 2003.

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  1. Kman67



    Thanks Bill,

    I'll be giving her another chance to steal my soul tonight.....
  2. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Maybe she's possessed and she's stealing your soul.:D

    Kman67, Welcome to Silver!:)
  3. Kman67


    One of the quirkiest things happened with a provider I have been seeing for a while here in Denmark.

    When she has an orgasm her hair stands straight up on end and she starts speaking in tongues (She's Danish and what she is speaking AIN'T Danish).

    Actually it is a bit of a funny sight when she is doing cowgirl.....
  4. howardnotstern


    this happened with a girl i was with (in real life). would start just before she came. she was absolutely not on e or anything else, but i have heard of this with girls on e as well.
  5. sean960


    Yeah Baby

    Samantha,you sound like my kind of girl...
  6. Samanthofny


    awwe gee mike and i thought you were going to bring uo the vibrating cock ring, oh well can;t win them all.

    One of the funniest things i can remeber is me and kelly doing a double with someone from her (he can chimein if he likes, but thats his calll) Anyways we were passing backand forthhis cock When he informs us he is going to cum. Well guys Kel and i had a tug of war over who can get it in their mouth and swallow his jism, the end result was some face panting as well as b high. Funniest thing when kelly started flicking his cum on me, i grabbed it back and did the same thing, then "he" started laughing and we said oh yeah and gave him a flick as well. all in good fun. Thats one of my most funnest times in a session.
  7. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I never knew that about E. Very interesting stuff you find out on this board. Thanx. .
  8. betty_snj


    Few funny things:

    - couple years ago, I was doing an outcall to a 5 star hotel in NYC. I had my older toybox, shaped like a briefcase. I left on the top of the dresser, we started our foreplay, got naked and I told him to wait a second and went to my toybox. When the latch clicked, the only thing I noticed was him running out of the door of his suite, totally naked, down the hallway.
    :) I got my vibrator out and went after him waving it in the air and saying...hey is just my vibrator!!!...Some maids and guests were walking around...and it was hilarious.

    - once I was doing an outcall to the Ceasars in Atlantic City, he came down to get me and when we got in the elevator, a bunch of senior citizens got in too and one of the ladies bumped into my toybox, the latches opened and I had all my toys, condoms, strap on, cuffs, dildos, cock rings, some vibes started to move around.... He was mortified, red like a beet and I was saying...come on bigboy help me to pick up YOUR toys.

    Needless to say...now I have a toybox with zippers to prevent accidents.
  9. Daniel_NYC


    I was with a provider in Manhattan about five years ago, we were going at it pretty hot and heavy, she climbs on top to do cowgirl. She proceeds to ride me like I have the last cock on earth and when she stops I hear this sound like:
    BBBBBRRRRRRRPPPPPPP! and I feel a vibration on my cock.

    I'm thinking, did this girl just fart? But there was no smell.

    I suggest we change positions and as I pull out she does it again.
    There is absolutely no reaction from her when this is happening.

    We go at it missionary, and now as I am pumping her, on the downstroke every time is this noise.

    Thus I was introduced to the pussy-fart!
  10. escortworks


    she was prolly on e, one of side effects of e is teeth chatter.
  11. Reel Deal

    Reel Deal

    I met a girl who would orgasm with any contact with her clit. Any. Spasms and everything. It was almost comical.
  12. candie


    I would have to say the strangest thing thats ever happened to me is that my lips got numb, I forgot where but I remember like it was yesterday!

    Never met any weirdo's. Never bother with quirks or maybe don't pay attention to uncontroled quirkness.
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  13. justbill_redux

    justbill_redux King Missile

    I was once fucking a young fox WOC at a house and she started to fall asleep on me, I hopped off, put my pants on and went to the madam and complained. She comes back to the room with me, the girl is fast asleep. That was her last day at this place , got a freebie on my next appointment and was told that the girl had been up on a coke binge for 3 days. Ahhh, those were the days.
  14. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    This is for both sides of the hobby.
    Im sure the girls have seen alot more weird shit or quirks then men have.

    One of the quirkiest things I remember, is a girl from Wings(or maybe one of the other low end agencies I used. Now I dont really remember.).
    About 2 years ago.
    Blond, short, I really cant remember her name. Not that pretty.

    When she fucked, her teeth would chatter(is this the right word, her teeth would click rapidly) like she was shivering.
    (i asked her if she was cold, but she said it just happens.)

    one more thing, I dont mean fetishes, thats a entire new ballgame for weirdos, me included.
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