what should I do?

Discussion in 'New York' started by LIDAWN, Jul 24, 2001.

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  1. Ozzy


    if this person (he or she) is bring children into this...

    then you take the gloves off and do what ever you feel is necessary. that client or provider should have considered that before he called and spoke to her kid.



    i would never ever do that

    that is one golden rule never to be broken by a lady.. no info on clients or indy's ever in public.. nothin personnal.. lidawn
  3. oknemo


    Danger - bad advice amidst the good

    (I'm sure Dawn knows this, but for any other provider reading and wondering...and assuming for the moment that the bad guy is indeed a guy)

    One poster says:
    "Caller ID, and if he persists, I would let that info "slip" into a public forum."

    Another poster says:
    "Post the guys name out there..."

    As a naive provider friend of mine learned to her great distress, this is VERY bad advice. I don't care what a crazy guy does. Kidnap your pet, burn your house down, torture you. If you give out any personal info on this guy you will be villified by the hobbyists. Your name will be mud. Tell Slinky, tell the cops, get a gun and shoot the guy. But no posting of personal info on ANY board, or you will be in deep deep trouble. I can see the point of these hobbyists, there is always the chance of mistaken identify. But man oh man they can be vicious if you let anything slip. With worse ramifications than the original bad guy ever dreamed of causing.
  4. medicineman23



    This is a very strange tread! Some of you know what I mean! Dawn...... I believe "I told you so"
  5. April

    April Member<br><color=red> First in war, first in peace

    press *57

    I had the same problem. Answer the call, then disconnect . Press *57 and it traces the call. They wont give you the # but if it happens more then 2 times they send a letter to the harrassing party and if you choose to involve LE it's more than your word against they'res. I blocked my phone for a while but it interferred with my business, since your retired that may be the best solution. Sooner or later they do stop in the meantime just try not to engage then.


    thanks alllllll

    but you got my name wrong silli
  7. iiceman


    A person that questions a child like that, obviously has something wrong with them and should seek professional help right away. It is incredibly unfair to Dawn and her family.

    To bring it to a head whether it be he or she may end this persons obsessive behaivor.

    I tend to disagree with you Carl that is just from a provider...

    {Note from moderator - I'll assume that was a mistake and that it won't happen again }

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  8. iiceman


    Whats wrong Carl are we affraid of something?
  9. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Trying to coerce a little kid!

    Only a low life piece of shit would try something like this. Looks like a little kid with brain power won over a pea brain with lack of any conscious! Dawn call LE like Ozzy says, that will do the trick!
  10. iiceman



    Post the guys name out there.. You and I have spoken about this. Do it and maybe everyone will then know the Rat is very close to home... To play with someones children is wrong.... Payback is a bitch
  11. ew

    ew Silver

    How many times do I have to say it: this is not a hobby.

    I can certainly have fun and practice at it but this is a business and people play hardball. Ask Dawn if she thinks it's a hobby.
  12. mr. wonderful

    mr. wonderful

    I agree with the Ishmeister

    Caller ID, and if he persists, I would let that info "slip" into a public forum. Jerk deserves it.

    And if you can pinpoint who it is, then you must have a work or home number. I would use it. He probably won't bother you again after that.

    Or we can get Lemur and MJC on him. Their rapier wit will cut him to shreds.

    Idiots like this, and Janelle's dicking of Phantom, ruins this hobby for everyone.

    Good luck Dawn.

  13. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Fight fire with fire

    Hey Dawn,
    All I will say is this.....This guy is making your life miserable and now its time for you to make his life miserable. I really hope I don't know this guy, or find out who it is.... You must have info. on this guy... It's time to get tough Dawn. If you need any help you know where to reach me....
  14. beep9


    In this society, we hire people to take care of our problems (those of us who didn't used to wear colors, that is).

    Hire a lawyer. Pay him to make the bimbo go away!
  15. Ozzy



    the use of phone lines to harass or threaten is a federal offense. report this PERSON and don't worry about anything else. they can claim anything in defense...it doesn't matter since they have none for using the phone lines. and if it comes up(your former occupation)...do the jedi mind trick....


    it's none of their (LE) business what you or anyone recieving threats over the phone does for a living. trust me on this....they won't even ask.


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  16. LIDAWN


    thank you

    my cell is unlisted and private.. that is also reserved for emergencies changed home number 2 times already and blocked private line from un registered calls...
    now i will block the main line the way you sugested...
    Carl m. the person was given the wrong cell number it was close but no cookie which is what leads me to believe she just wrote it down wrong..
    but my family is off limits and i am now quite upset..
    .. thank you so much for the advice.. i had caller id it comes up blocked but.. conversation went as follows......
    Hi is your mom home> she is at work! can i take a message..
    is this her cell number or work honey?. . my daughter says no it is not .....may i take a message where does she work? my mom can't come to the phone can i take a message.. do you know what mommy does for work?
    yes can i take a message?
    You tell your momma ______ _____ called ok?( name i know)
    ok thank you miss _____!
    mommy that lady called that you are not friendly with any more and wanted to talk to me about you! this is the jist of the conversation maybe a bit more .. you tell me..!
    maybe i should be upset. maybe not.. why call my home and pump my kid for information unforgivable.. what is the purpose?
  17. TuckernotSucker



    Follow the advice of Ozzy and MrNY. All of that notwithstanding, move in with me.
  18. Monk



    You could post her number to this board and we can all call her and give her hell.

    (Just kidding.)

    P.S. I agree with MrNY -- Ishcabible is one of the best handles ever!
  19. Humble Narrator

    Humble Narrator

    dealing with gnats/horse flies/etc.

    Hi Dawn

    I assume you have a cell phone. Once you've established a new, unlisted home number, perhaps you should try only giving your cell number out to folks here. At least it would limit the family involvement. Whether you do that or not, there is always the legitimate recourse of involving the phone company and/or LE. I have never had to go this route, but I am told it can be very effective. Check your phone book in the front under "harrassment".

    As for fighting fire with fire, I don't see that creating more conflict can help. You seem to be above making harrassing calls, especially to a person's family.

    Good luck.
  20. RoosterC74


    Response 2 to Dawn

    You would think that people should get the idea to leave you alone. And to bother a child-that is totally out of bounds.