What should I expect from an overnight stay?

Discussion in 'Newbie Forum' started by theapprentice, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. JamesCupid


    Don't do overnights with girls you haven't seen at least 4 times. Alot of these girls will rob you as mentioned in an earlier post. I set a girl up with a 20 wrapped around 30 singles and she stole it during an over night.
  2. thezoos


    Only time I did an overnight it was with someone I had seen maybe 10 times. Learned from small talk we both like to gamble. Took her to AC the deal being i pay the food and give her 200 seed money (pun intended) and we do whatever back in the room (the room itself being comp).

    Obviously this person and me click, because it's a 3 hour drive so we had to like AND trust each other.

    Ended up doing 3 pops at various points
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  3. Dippeddots


    $90?!?!? It doesn't get much better than that! Can't even get a HE from a good looking girl back in the states.

    I wonder if good looking guys get better rates...
  4. TacoT


    Did an overnight with a girl in Thailand 2 years ago. Was on vacation with the wife after her plastic surgery. They are cheap there, I approached one in the club - the only other non Asian one there and asked how much. $90 USD and it was early! This girl was probably 21-23 and Colombian, banging body!! Went back to my Airbnb and drank by the pool. No one else around - pool was outside and mid level in the tower. We kicked it for a while and then headed up and got busy. The place I had, had a huge library of DVDs and all sorts of shit - punching bag, crazy art sculpture etc. Back to fucking, I busted multiple times. She let me hit and then we would get back to the movie and I'd be so turned on with her sitting nude I have to go again and again. Go sport, she was really nice. Passed out with kicking her out of my place but thankfully nothing was stolen. I fucked up though because I was suppose to go back to the hotel and had several missed calls from my wife. No way I could afford an overnight stay with a provider back in the states.
  5. hunter818


    I've only done an overnight stay with one provider, at a her private setting. We had met for an incall once and it was the only time I knew I'd want to spend a LOT of time with a provider, not just a 1-2 hour sessions here and there. Before I left (I wound up staying 20 minutes over our agreed time and she said nothing of it), we exchanged info about setting up a possible overnight.

    I got a very reasonable offer from her, and went not knowing exactly what to expect. For me, this wasn't so much about how many pops and positions as it was a very unique GFE. It was agreed that I would leave at like 10am, but we wound up lounging and going out for lunch and didn't part until close to 3pm.

    She was the best provider I've ever been with, and we met up for another overnight stay once more that was also a lot of fun. $$$ doesn't grow on trees so I've not been back since, but for a QUALITY provider, I think you can have a LOT of fun with an overnight.
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  6. mrtaiwan


    It's an interesting topic. Sorry that your college professor was creepy.

    My Mom likes to point out that a pregnant woman surely needs the protection of a male because once pregnant, the woman couldn't outrun a predator animal. Regardless, if pregnant women didn't receive special consideration, many of us would not be here today.

    Pendulous breasts, what could be better to capture a man's attention? The male eye can ignore many things, but not this.

    Thanks for the reminder during this cold weather with so few pendulous breasts on display!
  7. fairemily


    Puffin, my creepy college Anthology professor therorized women were built with fleshy round buttocks and pendulous breast to get survival resources from the opposite sex. What motivates us to choose mates, resources, sex, procretation will always be debated, there is no right answer. The majority of us are motivated by our own personal needs and situation. I wanted to add about your retirement comment not directed at you, I believe none of us have the right to announce the retirement of anyone else, it's been done to me by guys I barely know and it's a messed up. I wouldn't walk into a random person's workplace and tell their boss they retired, it's completely unacceptable. Members should never make announcements for other members or providers unless they are very close to that person and have their facts and permission.
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  8. puffin


    one other caution

    Sure, girl's quit providing, but as a client you will forever be a reminder of something that she probably does NOT want to print into her post-prostitution years. So if she's "retiring" that most likely means she's cutting off communications with you, favorite client or not.
  9. puffin


    You can approximate a friendly relationship with some rare providers, but YOU ARE FOOLING YOURSELF if you think you are moving into anything like a girlfriend type stable situation. If they sleep over it could be simply that they are tired and they think nothing of sleeping over at a client's place.

    As others caution, be very wary of her but also of your own powers to rationalize. You can be a friend, but you are NOT ... not not not special to her. Even if she says you are special to her, she is probably lying to you so that you take her on a trip or something.

    Most of these girls are girls are either fucked by daddy at a young age, addicted to heroin or cocaine, or in some other way only used to sex as a way to lube the wheels of life. Be nice to the girl, pay your bill, offer her token favors, sure, but this is not going to segue into a situation where she'd stick with you if you are unemployed for several months. You will always be a means to an end.

    In "normal" relationships men use commitment to get sex and women use sex to get commitment. In this equation it's men using money to get sex, and women using sex to get money. As long as your money is spent on gifts that she can keep (versus gifts such as tickets for both of you to see a show), you will be viewed as a source of income. Even if she *thinks* she cares about you, she is probably just rationalizing away the fact that she's renting pussy.
  10. marfecum


    No cash except for donation. Minimum plastic card and only drive license must be packed or you could pay 3times more expensivier pussi price with problem.
  11. sunspadovernj


    same problem..

    I will have same problem. In my case, even it smells ....damm..
    Sometimes, my ex-girl friend hadn't endured it.
  12. manitoba


    overnighters elsewhere in the world

    Depends where you go.

    In Dubai over nights are common. Usually cost between $400 and $1,000 depending on the lady and the experience of the customer. (Normally 2 to 4 times hourly rate)

    A couple words of wisdom.

    Empty the mini bar into the hotel safe.
    Lock up all valuables in safe as well.
    Call the front desk and have them turn off international calling.

    If you read the boards for Dubai you will see stories of people getting up in the morning, wallet and watches missing, bar emptied at high hotel prices and when they check out the phone bill to China, or where ever is huge.

    As always look at the local boards and pick someone reviewed and recommended by several people with a history of posts on a site.

    Best encounter I have had was last New Year. Had a girl for over 72 hours and 24 of these she had a friend over. Cost was AED 6000 for full time girl ( about $US 1670) and AED 2000 for the one day girl ($US 560 or so). Was as much sex as I could handle and the girls would play with each other while I recharged.

    I had met the long time girl a couple times before and was comfortable with her and she with me. We also went sightseeing and to a couple restaurants during the date while I recharged.
  13. AlyssaRose


    I've done a few overnights and even a couple "all dayers". Each one was very unique and different in its own way just like the men I spent the time with. I wouldn't recommend spending that much time with someone you've never met. Meeting for a shorter time before hand is a great idea.

    Do make sure you discuss what you want to include in your overnight experience.. that is also why its a wonderful idea to session before hand.

    I love overnights/all day appointments! :)
  14. Bandaid


    Kittyhawk said, "Having said that, I do agree that one of the benefits of seeing a provider is not having to spend more time with her than necessary."

    Most guys would agree with you, even those who do book overnights. OTOH, enough guys want that experience at least sometimes to make it a part of the business.

    cjb said, "Someone said that an overnight was because some people can't get girlfriends and want to know what it would be like. So, if you were married then you were probably I imagine dating your wife if not at least for a little while so you did ion fact have a girl friend experience. On another note, if you were a married man with kids it may be kinda tough to swing an overnight stay with an escort no? "

    I'm the one who said guys who didn't have overnight experiences in their lives (no wife or SO) were likely to get overnights. There's a significant number of virgins in their 30s and 40s. Married guys aren't likely to get overnights, I wouldn't think.

    It was the "everyone can get a girlfriend" thing I objected to, because it's flat not true.
  15. cjb1985


    Ok, maybe your right. Perhaps a married mans best bet for sex is an escort. However that wasn't the point I was makikng. Someone said that an overnight was because some people can't get girlfriends and want to know what it would be like. So, if you were married then you were probably I imagine dating your wife if not at least for a little while so you did ion fact have a girl friend experience. On another note, if you were a married man with kids it may be kinda tough to swing an overnight stay with an escort no?
  16. kittyhawk


    Both valid points

    Eventhough I think this is close to being off-topic, I'm with Bandaid on this one. In fact, I believe I read somewhere on UG about a guy who hasn't had sex with his wife for years (stayed with her because of the kid(s) and financial reasons, cheaper to stay married than get divorced in other words). So having a girlfriend isn't always doable (no pun intended) for one reason or another.

    Having said that, I do agree that one of the benefits of seeing a provider is not having to spend more time with her than necessary.
  17. Bandaid


    Bullshit. There was a survey on this board asking "how often would you get laid if you didn't see a provider?" 45% plus said either "once a month or less" or "never." Up to 17% of the adult 18-54 population hasn't had sex in the last year. (GSS, table 11). There's plenty with nobody.
  18. Blot


    I've done overnights 4 or 5 times and each time stayed up all night. I didn't feel comfortable leaving myself (and my wallet) vulnerable to the whims of a provider - no matter how well I thought I knew her.

    Ironically, I've only succumbed to sleep with providers who I've stayed with for multiple nights, but I've only done that overseas.
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  19. cjb1985


    I don't entirely agree with you, I think anyone can find a girlfriend, it may not be a teenager who's ass tastes like candy. But there is in fact a girl out there for everyone. Plus at the end of the overnight stay that's it. So it really isn't a girlfriend experience. To me a girlfriend experience is when you meet wit a provider and get dfk bbbj and maybe maybe daty. I don't believe it has much to do. With the amount. Of time spent with the provider
  20. Bandaid


    Not everybody has the choice of getting a girlfriend. Lots of men would never get laid without paying, and they want the same experiences other guys have.