What would you do?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by mcheck57, Feb 26, 2003.

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  1. h. von bingen

    h. von bingen Sharon

    slinky what a

    sadistic streak.

    i like it! nay, i LOVE it.

    eye 4 eye,
  2. Germansausage


    How about an orgy for all five of you: you, your wife, her lover, his wife and a provider?
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  3. SkellyChamp


    Figure it out for yourself 'cause you're going to have to anyway.
  4. justme

    justme homo economicus

    Take the appointment, forgive the wife, but tell her to use prostitutes in the fututre and to make sure you never find out about any of it.
  5. metellier

    metellier Two time offender

    My .02 Canadian which is .014 US$

    Dear mcheck57,

    I have taken the time to glance through your previous posts for
    2 reasons:

    (a) to offer well-founded advice to a fellow Queens/LI stalking
    hobbyist &

    (b) Etellier's boss is out this afternoon

    As you said in 6/01:
    Originally posted by kromrider
    I started roaming about two weeks after i got married!!!!
    You waited THAT long?

    And as you said in 8/01:
    It seems that a lot of us are in the hobby because of self esteem problems. Imagine making love to a beautiful woman, who "appears" to be enjoying it. For that hour or 2 we are on top of the world
    And as you said in 1/02:
    As for me, I use the hobby for two reasons.
    First of all, to do and have done the things wifey won't.
    Secondly, a providor (sic), at least a good one, will me you feel that you are desireable (sic) , doesn't bust your balls and says the right things.
    By the way I have been married 21 years.

    I think you have answered your own question re: why the hobby is important and more enjoyable than the relation with the wife. Gauging from the ages of your children, you are likely in your 40's or early 50's and most men in that range cannot consistently hobby and, at the same time, keep up even a semblance of sexual interest/activity with the wife. It just ain't there- even with viagra. It is, at best, obligational sex or nothing that the wife gets. You're giving your remaining performances to the providers.

    In your case, unlike the case of most hobbyists, Mrs.mcheck decided to act upon her needs and probable feeling of neglect to get something from a man other than Mr.mcheck. Now that you have discovered this, you have several

    (a) play the victim and leverage this to the hilt (either staying married but you
    got one on her or getting separated/divorced and playing the injured, faithful guy). Of course, this requires your hobbying to be kept deep secret. It also
    helps if your Jewish. Nobody can inspire guilt like a Jewish guy. Oy.


    (b) acting indignant, keeping your hobbying on the down low, pummelling somebody's ass and/or banging the wife of Mrs.mcheck's lover revengefully (as has been advised by others in this thread) It helps if you're Italian or
    Puerto Rican. They can do vendetta like nobody's business.

    (c) stop hobbying and pay attention to the home front (as has been advised
    by others in this thread). I give this less than 1% chance after reading your
    previous posts. Birds gotta fly. Fish gotta swim, capeesh?

    (d) stay together with the understanding that she can fool around (as long as she advises you in advance of with whom) and that so can you (either via GF or via hobbying) This would be a French solution. But nowadays, nobody likes
    us French (they even 1/2 hate the 1/2 French like me)

    (e) exchange meaningless promises with Mrs.mcheck and eventually you
    and/or you and her go back to what you were doing before. This is triumph
    of the lack of will. You're a lawyer, right? This is how you make your living-
    people agreeing and resolving and then backsliding.

    (f) stay together "for the children" There's a story about an ***** guy and his wife. Guy comes home early one day and she's cheating with another guy. Fast forward 70 years. He's 98 and she's 96. They're standing in front of the judge in divorce court. Judge says "I can't believe this. You're married 75 years? He's 98 and she's 96? You want a divorce now because she was unfaithful when Hoover was President? Why? Why did you wait until now?"
    The guy looks at the wife and then says to the judge "Well, you honor, we wanted to wait until after all our children were dead".

    If it was me, I would go for (d) while I have the upper hand and in doing so,
    achieve (f).

    Just my humble opinion. I also would've kept the appointment with the
    provider you postponed. A marriage is one thing, but an appointment is
    quite another. You just saved hundreds on therapy and didn't have to endure
    Montel, Jerry, Maury or Dr.Phil frowning at you.

    Good luck,

  6. oddfellow4870


    Re: My Take...

    Agree. You will actually deal better than you would if you're angry at your wife AND sexually frustrated. The hobby helps. For most, it will help their marriages as well.
  7. Duckman

    Duckman Moderator

    You cheat on her and she cheats on you. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  8. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    Keep your appointement, but get a receipt. For her next gift (birthday, aniversary, etc.) give her a nice box with the receipt in it and say "I spent the money for your gift banging this chick instead".
  9. shorty


    I'm with the spook and mepee, bang HIS wife. but be sure to take pictures of a vid to remember it by. It'll be the last pussy you get for a while.

    good luck mcheck....you're gonna need it.
  10. Casper


    Cancel the appointment, call the guy's wife back and set up a meeting with her to discuss things. Then bang her to your heart's content for free. Call it grudge fucking. Win-Win ......

    P.S. - props to mepee for posting something similar first ( I hadn't read the whole thread before posting)
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  11. MJC185


    My Take...

    I'd keep the appointment. It might be the only 1 hour window (if that was all you booked) of sexual pleasure and release you will be able to have in the near future.
  12. mcheck57


    two kids 20/18..girls
  13. *********


    Mrcheck are there children involved in this marriage, not to be so nosey but I imagine it would make things more cloudy.
  14. mcheck57


    She knew I was a lawyer and checked with the offfice of court administration.

    I' wrote to my"date" and cancelled. Ihaven't heard back.
  15. j1sauce

    j1sauce I'm back

    If it happened to me I might keep the appt. just out of spite. And it might be real good. Of course, I'm kind of messed up. I like the fact that there are so many people here (of all places) telling you to do the right thing. I think this is too complex for any of us to give you advice.
    You may want to consider if your relationship is worth recovering. Also would you regret missing out on a great opportunity.

    I don't know, just reading over my own words it sounds like I'm being the bad guy. Anyway, I wish you luck.

    Your story is very intriguing. I hope you let us know how everything goes. What I'd like to know is how the f did his wife know your work number? Are you guys all close? If so, maybe consider swapping or couple swinging. Again, my advise is worth how much you paid for it. Take it or leave it. Peace.
  16. oilman


    someone needs to be opening a big can of whup ass on the cocksucker that's banging your woman......whup his ass, as was stated by an earlier reply- bang the shit out of his wife, videotape it then fuck your wife in the ass while she watches the tape........oh, and maybe she should be promt on all of this so you can keep your appointment as well.......then again you could always crawl , cry, beg, and ply her with flowers and understanding......of course I think some folks need to learn a little damn respect........
  17. teeduke



    You find out your wife is (also) cheating and you're surfing UG worried about proper client-provider etiquette?

    You can't be serious.
  18. sexpert


    Damn yo! are for real? the provider will understand, and trust me many guys including myself have used alot of excuses to cancel., just tell her u cant make the appt thats all, dont need to give her the whole story, whats it to her!?
  19. substrata



    Sounds like the real question in your post is how to handle your home situation. Put it this way, if you had to unexpectedly travel out of town, or something else unexpected came up, would you even hesitate to break your appointment?

    Confront your wife, and get in front of this issue now, bro. Put the hobbying on the backburner...

  20. mepee


    cancel the appointment, then call the guys wife up and bang her real good, you both deserve it