When is a GFE not a GFE? When it's Lay-Lonie from New York Tens

Discussion in 'New York' started by Lucrob, Jul 25, 2006.

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  1. stranger


    The only strings that connect any of these whores to us are attached to our wallets, bank accounts and 401K's. In a way, you're fortunate that all she wants from you is your money. You should have told her that you'll gladly pay her rent, and that she can work it off in trade before hard-earned greenbacks change hands.
  2. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum


    oh, thats just fucking great....and I want to be filthy rich also, but Im too nervous to rob fucking banks.....and if they keep treating customers like that, they are going to get nothing in return but unhappy nasty customers,

    I dont think the ones that are miserable are that way because of the choice they made to suck dick, I think they are miserable cause of the fucking shit life they made for themselves that led them up to this point, whether they had a series of assholes for bfs or husbands, or whether they failed at every other attempt to hold grades in school, or if they told their family to fuck off and had noone left to count on. Im sure there are thousands of reasons for women to do this, the bottom line is they all do it for money.
    If they were miserable to begin with, ofcourse they will be miserable now.
  3. howdynnj


    One thing I've noticed, and maybe its just me being more sensitive afterwards, is that the massage after the happy ending is alot rougher than beforehand.
  4. Slinky Bender

    Slinky Bender The All Powerful Moderator

    One thing you have to remember is that an awful lot of girls hate being in this business, but want the $. So what comes thru is certain behaviours, sort of as a passive agressive way of getting back at the guys who are thier customers.
  5. justlooking


    Holy shit this is like one of the top five whoreboard posts I've ever read.

    Tell it, BMM.
  6. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    imn only getting laid 2 or 3 times a week, I can think clearer lately.
  7. Lascivious


    Wow, BIgM , no strings attached. what kind of crap is that? Man, chicks are chicks whether they're pros or "non' pro. I gotta respect you for being able to leave in that situation. When a hot chick opens the door, it's tough. A fugly chick, I'm out b4 she could even say hello. The little head has control and it's harder to shake than a crackhead at 2am at the Point.
  8. neilz


    Put 3 stars infront of and behind this post.
    Then put it in the Mongering Hall Of Fame.
  9. Lucrob


    I already admitted as much at the end of my review. With all the resources available, if you don't do your homework, you're taking a risk. I didn't start this thread for anybody's sympathy. Just putting another review out there to help others make wiser choices.
  10. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    ya know, I dont know Miki, and alot of other of the older broads that advertise here, or have joined and spent time talking, but you gotta think that they figured out that its alot easier being nice to men and 10 times more profitable...........they are afterall around here for a while, and they are still demanding competitive fees with 20 y/os advertising all around them, so I gotta figure while they arent young, maybe not slim, they know all about customer service and alot of men realize being happy is what its all about.

    (not meant or geared at Miki ofcourse, only using her as an example, I dont know all the names here)
  11. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    I just cant take so much of this shit anymore.....its just as easy to treat a person right, than it is to treat them like shit.

    I believe that if a girl can max out 4 clients a day, without rushing anyone, why try to squeeze in the 5th, cause it might take away from the others, since she might always feel rushed, or like she has to keep pumping them through like a machine.

    I think the loss of one fee would be paid back 10 fold when the business and girls get a solid gold reputation,and the phone would never stop ringing for her service.

    Im just pissy today, noone stepped on my dog, I dont own a dog, a dog wouldnt tolerate me as an owner, but my sugarbaby wants me to come by and pay her rent this week and she wants me to do it with no strings attached. All of the sudden, we are in a no strings attached relationship when it comes to money.
    Funny, shes never said hey, fat boy, comemere, I wanna fuck your brains out an extra day this week, no strings attached, you dont have to give me a dime extra, I just dig fat old guys and their sagging balls, so pick your balls off the pavement, and come over and Ill give you a sympathy fuck.
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  12. theladiesman


    Testify, BMM!
  13. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    why does anyone question.

    Doesnt anyone understand the point of his review?

    Once you walk into that fucking room and immediately your told well, you want to shower? I got someone else coming in in less than 30 minutes.....boom.......now you have to start going into hey, I got an hour, what kinda shit is this......the session is halfway destroyed at that point, youre no longer there to have a great time, youre now staying to salvage whatever yo ucan......its the fucking attitude......why dont people get it....

    When I walk into a room and Im not greeted with a warm and friendly greeting, and if I ask to shower, and the girl questions me......Id walk the fuck right out......who do these fucking people think they are?

    Im not even blaming the agency, cause they cant control every girl every minute of the day, who knows, maybe someone stepped on her dog and crushed his head that morning, and she was in a pissy mood. Whatever, once the air in that room is disturbed by attitude, that is basically negative in the hobbyists mind, the session is no longer good, its a salvage operation if one doesnt choose to try to bolt out the door.

    This is any agency. They have to stop booking appts so close, and tell these stupid fucking girls not to talk about your next client so the one in the room shelling out 300 bucks feels like he has to forfeit some fun to make way for the next guy.......do these stupid fucking girls who do this, expect to be tipped, and earnmoney.......run the fuck over the hour, make the client smile from ear to ear...whats 7 minutes......theylll most likely get a better tip and everyone will be happy, Im sick of hearing girls with such stupid shitty attitudes.......you put 3 stars next to a girls name indicating GFE, well, fuck all the acronyms.....its more of the attitude that should be expected, not a uh, you lost 6 minutes cause youre late, 5 more minutes inthe shower, I can only offer you 19 minutes after that cause another guy was booked, and its my job to finish you off in 18 minutes so I can get that other guy in here before you spend that hour, cause most guys get off in 15 minutes, and the agency knows this, so we book 30 minutes apart, cause most guys are so fucking stupid, theyll wait if we tell them the girl had to go out and grab a bite to eat.......afterall, at 300 fucking dollars an hour......this 10th grade level educated girl could earn that money anywhere, shes doing you a favor by rushing you through your time slot.

    I hate telling the truth, most people cant fucking handle it......god forbid one of these agencies let you sit in a room for 2 hours...then claim they called and called you, but they couldnt get through on your cell phone.....only becuase they forgot about your appt.......but ofcourse, the client gets blamed.

    Lucrob, I read other reviews of this and similar agencies, adn I say this with no disrespect, but you have to shop wiser.

    Ofcourse, like I said, not any agency can control these women once they hit the rooms, they can decieve anyone, even a wise old agency owner.
  14. lepke


    Cross NY10 off the list.....
  15. misterxyz


    Most reviews of NY Tens on *** indicate that this is a very poor agency whose women give lousy service.
  16. Lascivious


    damn, I thought only the asians did that pay by the pop crap but they start at 200. For additional money, like 300, you could get 2 shots. I think Val's girls provide 2 pops for the FULL hour.
  17. benisbig


    Good report Lucrob, sorry you got ripped off and thanks for taking one for the team.
  18. Lucrob


    I was led to believe that NYTens rating system and description meant that a GFE meant at least BBBJ.

    She didn't "back off". That would be overstating things. The way it came across was that the session could go over that 30 minutes by a bit, not that it would get pushed for the full 60 minutes. That said, they would have had to have dragged me out of there once that 30 minute point came. We did go beyond that point without incident but that sort of B.S. tends to affect my mood, frame of mind, whatever you want to call it, and ultimitely, it drags down the session. As for the bang for the buck, the rush type of service provided was not worth $300 - but YMMV ;)

    I made sure I did that!
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  19. billyS


    This is why April was so popular. She would have never stood for that shit. You would have gotten some kind of restituion.
  20. nabbeun


    well...ok, she was not gfe, but you can never rely on their gfe meaning the same as yours. usually their gfe just means they're not gonna give you a streetwalker attitude, that's it.

    and she atttempted to short you 1/2 hr, but quickly backed off. other than that, you got a cbj and cfs for $300. isn't that about par with any agency?

    now, if she had told me i had 1/2 hr and i paid for 1hr, you can be sure i would've banged her to within an inch of her life for 59min+59sec and the hell with the shower.

    you should've taken her past her 1/2 hr 'line in the sand' on principle, even if you had to tie a rope around yourself to be able to make it to the finish ;)