When Parts Of This Hobby Cease To Be Fun Any Longer

Discussion in 'New York' started by RoosterC74, Oct 23, 2001.

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  1. TuckernotSucker


    Hey Slinky

    Can I get Rooster's posts to count towards my gold?

    Just kidding Rooster, I hope you resume posting soon.
  2. wsb


    Come on Rooster! You seem like a nice guy, albeit slightly clueless. However, you have such a thin skin.

    Phantom seems like a nice guy too, but he always seems to end-up in these wacky situations becuase of his unorthodox approach to commercial sex.

    Instead of taking your ball and going home, why don't you show a little tolerance and just deal with the situation.

    By the way, if I am totally honest I must admit that it kind of creeps me out to hear you and some of the others refer to this "young lady" like we are talking about someone's prom date. Keep in mind that Phantom's motivation is the same as yours at the end of the day- to get into the "young lady's" pants. So why don't we just put an end to all of this holier-than-thou BS.

  3. Carl M

    Carl M Hanging by a thread

    Hey Cogburn- Good Buddy!!

    Ill miss you, but as Ozzy says- You will be back from your hiatus one days soon. Take a long break and come back refreshed my brother!! In the mean time I will miss your candid positive posting(unless provoked)!!!
  4. GreenDot9

    GreenDot9 Guest


    Maybe if you were wise enough to heed the warnings from the git go, you would not have found yourself in said hole (albeit, one you dug for yourself)

  5. Troutman

    Troutman Paste

    Not being a hockey fan, I ignored that thread, for the most part. What little of my attention it did get was a quick skim at best, since I don't want to miss anything that might happen to be relevent. I saw the remarkable absurdity of the posts, and it only served to confirm what I was already certain of. Hockey. Who needs it?

    But seriously, I lurk I post, I ignore what I feel isn't worth my time, and I read what interests me. Like Gordon Gekko said, and I paraphrase, don't get personal over a stock. Hey, it's just lunacy/idiots/whatever they may happen to be. Move on. Stay with what makes you happy and keeps you interested. If it pisses you off, move on to something a little less assinine. (sp.intentional)
  6. jasonbuju


    Two coffee rule

    On a general note. I believe that the APM mentioned a while ago to sit back and really read over your thread before you go posting a lot of BS and start flaming people. There a multiple of personalities, perceptions from everyone that make this board great. Most of what we talk about is of a very personal nature but we should not take it personal. Ah mean isn’t this why we call it a hobby

  7. jasonbuju


    Lets Go Islanders?

    I am still confused on how a thread that started on the Islanders ended up to be such a mess.
    Rooster it is unfortunate that will not be contributing to the board anymore but I understand your reasoning.
    I do hope that you would reconsider.

  8. DannyNJ



    Very sorry to see you go, but I can totally understand your reasoning and agree with you 100%. I didn't see the thread in question, but I can just imagine the ridiculous bullshit it contained.

    I hope you'll reconsider your decision because I hate to see us lose a person who always provided good information about providers (which is the purpose of this board) and refrained from getting into stupid arguements and pissing matches. There's been way too much of that lately.

    You have my email, so I'm sure we'll be speaking. Thanks for all you've added to this board. Your posts will definitely be missed.
  9. ew

    ew Silver

  10. Ozzy


    someone needs to click the edit button above and remove something personal.......just my advice before you get yelled at.

    and rooster i wish you the best, but you all always come back.....

    so why leave in the first place?

  11. jras


    Stay in touch Rooster

    hey Rooster,

    Your positive vibe will be missed. Hobby on, and do come back one of these days ...

  12. RoosterC74


    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I realize that the previous thread about the New York Isanders has recently been removed. For that Slinky and my friends, I am forever thankful. Since it had nothing positive left in it.

    Now for the real topic at hand. Having been involved in this lovely hobby off and on over the past 30 years I have been fortunate enough to meet some great people in it. Honestly, over 95 percent of those that I have become involved with were truly wonderful people. This is true of both providers and fellow hobbyist that I have come across. This has been especially true over the past 9 or so months that I have been involved in posting and reading posts on this particular Board. Some of the providers that I have met through this Board (Body2See, Cecilia, Mercy Dancer and Long Island Dawn) as well as the ones that I have had the ability to communicate with but not yet meet (Candie Girl and April) have brought some real fun and enjoyment to me. They were and continue to be positive in many ways. I do hope to one day soon be able to visit with April and her wonderful ladies-they sound very hot.

    As for my fellow hobbyist (Carl M., Bill Furniture, Danny NJ, Fish Fry, DrJRAS, etc.) that have tended to share information and chuckles with me both through the posts on this Board as well as through private e-mails, I have always tried to remain upfront and be as helpful to you as possible. We have shared information regarding some of the best providers in the New York/New Jersey/and yes Philadelphia Area that I have ever come across. For that, we are all much better off. I have helped out whenever possible-but I do believe that most people realize that I have boundries that can not be crossed. For that one special guy-I truly hope you enjoy this Saturday!

    I had been warned several times from people that I have grown to trust and admire to not be too open with my information with certain people. In that I made a critical mistake, by trusting people far too much. Thus, I found myself in a rather intense hole today, as information was shared on this Board that was suppose to be totally confidential. The information and insults that were directed at me were one thing (and we will all get over that) but the information and insults that appeared about a somewhat harmless provider that never wished to be mentioned on this Board went well beyond the realm of normality. By someones need to bash me, this young lady was caught in the middle of fire. Sadly, an innocent bystander became part of an issue between me and another person.

    Thus, I strongly believe that this Board continues to be filled with some incredibly whitty, humorous, and fun loving guys and gals. However, it seems that a very few (less then 5 percent), wish to use the Board to fling slanderous statements about those that try to remain positive about the hobby. Therefore, this has become a part of the hobby that is no longer considered to be fun for me. And everyone knows when something ceases to be fun, then you cease to do it, if its major intention was to be fun and enjoyment in the first place. And as hard as this is to actually state on this Board-I must state one thing upfront and straight out to Little Guy you were absolutely correct-I should have taken your good advice to begin with. I have grown to admire your wishes far more with the passing of time.

    In conclusion, Slinky-you have a very difficult job as moderator of this Board. I just had an opportunity to read your last post about not asking the moderator to intervene in these things. Thus, since I will only be lurking-you will not have to worry about me for quite awhile. I do still hope to keep in contact with the other 95 pecent of those that I truly enjoy sharing information and stories with. Guy and Gals-Keep Enjoying This Great Hobby.

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