where is Faye from julies?

Discussion in 'New York' started by 20, Feb 5, 2003.

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  1. greyfox



    I was shocked when I saw this woman on my way into a room at Julie's last spring,since I hadn't seen her in about 15 years and first met her around 1982.I had read some disparaging comments about Faye on UG before seeing her again but at the time didn't realize who they were referring to.If you subtract about 25 pounds and 20 years of hard living you might get an idea of what "Dee" looked like when she worked on 32nd St. between Madison and Park Ave. South. She had a thin,tight body,great ass,long blonde hair,full sensual lips and impudent sexuality besides offering a greater range of services than most streetwalkers.She was one of my favorites,but you had to let her know you wouldn't take any shit from her.It's ironic that a few months after I saw Faye at Julie's I first met the much discussed and lauded Heaven on the street,at about the same age Faye was when I first met her.Believe me,I can't imagine Heaven being able to work in 2023.
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    people thought I was kidding when I posted her webpage as "Southern Comfort" -- I wasn't. Do a search for Faye here, or try ***.
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    May be Episodes is re-open?
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    does anyone know where she is or how to get in touch with her? I saw her once at julies when I was there for someone else...