which Screening Process is the best?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by BigBucksNYC, Feb 24, 2003.

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  1. vegasjim


    If I was you I would contact a few of the well known providers here with ads and tell them who you are and why you want to know and I am sure they will help you. I am sure you will find many of the ladies here a big help. I do not think most will post what they do on a public board. You can find their ****** addresses in their ads. Good Luck
  2. rascal211


    Too much to ask . . . ?

    I know one sweetie who asks some very basic screening questions and probably loses a good chunk of biz b/c johns refuse to provide the necessary info. Does it hurt business? Not really. Justs cuts down on the variety of johns passing by. Who do you think ends up the loser? I don't think it is her. I'm sure not the loser b/c I get to see her more often.

    This screening question is probably going to go on forever b/c I think most johns think that they are doing a service and providing an income for a SP. Just think, if you started a new biz on a shoe-string, would you trust every joe who asked you to spend a couple grand on materials and time and when everything is completed, he refused to pay and just walked away.

    I don't know what's the problem with showing picture ID to verify who you are. Sure, an ID could be faked. But lets just assume your driver's license is the real thing. What's the problem, do you think that the lady has a hidden camera somewhere or she has a memory that would qualify her to win the National Spelling Bee competition? This biz has a few costs that are beyond $$$. I really wander do most johns give two cents about the SPsb who have to go thru screening process to do this type of biz. Sure they just lay their and the guy has to do all of the work. Maybe. But some common sense saids otherwise.
  3. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    There is a fine line between safety and discretion, but I say the line is drawn at showing a pay stub from your employer. A bit too personal for my tastes...
  4. *********


    I would have no problem showing mine if asked but surely you are aware that a woman is more vulnerable then the man in these settings.

    All we ask is to please try and empathize. Picture one of your children as the whore some john is visiting. Some of us do choose to do this for a short while and wouldn't you want her to take every precaution necessary to her safety?
  5. Monk


    No matter how many excuses I hear, I never feel comfortable giving out personal information to someone who could potentially use it to harm me. I realize that many indie providers feel extremely vulnerable. My only reply (and it's no real consolation) is that it all comes with the territory. The next time someone asks me for my driver's licence, my reply will be "Can I see yours?"
  6. BigBucksNYC


    Thanks for the replies!
  7. hot4chicks


    The best screening process is where the chick has no idea who you are and you know everything about her. Failing that, the best process is if all the info you gave her ends up on the cover of the NY Post, you wont lose your job, marriage and kids.
  8. It's a matter of personal preference. There is no best process.
  9. BigBucksNYC


    I've noticed that there is a great deal of variation in terms of the screening processes independent providers use. I've heard of everything from no screening at all (call up the phone, she answers, gives you her address right away, no second phoen call, etc) to actually conducting background checks; some will only take new clients if they are referred by other providers!

    I was just wondering which screening method you thought was the best in terms of BOTH the independent provider safety in terms of LE and the client's anonymity. Another factor to consider is time, since the more complicated the process, the greater amount of time it would take to complete...

    So which screening process do you think works the best?

    Thanks! :)