Who do you suppose makes more.....

Discussion in 'New York' started by morgan_mr, Feb 10, 2003.

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  1. candie


    lol yeah 22 k is a deluted dream. When I danced the girls flipped over hitting 2k.

    Too bad you missed the best of the best in this industry but since your chosing those types I feel they don't really make that much as a professional Dominatrix. You can't freakin believe that income till you live it.

    Just gotta put up with a little bit of this and that
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  2. elsyan


    well greekgirl you're fine too so don't worry about it!
  3. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    elysan good point but i think i hold my own..considering im a baby flab hooker
  4. elsyan


    career opportunity

    Being as how I'm in the industry I think that there's a huge opportunity here as a financial planner for working girls and strippers! Sorta like a pimp without all the beatings ;)

    Seriously, most of these girls should definitely read a book about financial planning. Once at F/STOP one of the girls was reading "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". Not quite the best advice out there but certainly along the right path! I was impressed.

    Of course it helped that she was fine!


  5. Thorn


    One word...

    I could be means spirited on what the word might be... but I'll just choose to say:

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  6. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    louma i agree...

    im stingy with my money..i only really spend money on my trainer which is 500 a month but its for being healthy..id rather pay the bill when me and friends go out..

    i wont buy a new car because my honda is paid for since last april and there is nothing wrong with it..i am buying my trainers convertable eclipse for summer time..but its not alot..i am gonna travel this spring and a little in the summer then it will be time for me to get a career going which hopefully will be in loss prevention or private investigator or fraud investigator..

    i owe 2900 on my last credit card and last year this time it was 25000..(combined all credit card balances to it)..i will get a credit report and make sure i have everything paid off..

    i live in a small apt but its cute..my rent is not bad so untill i get a career going i have to stay put..

    i hope these younger girls especially save that money and put in safe deposit box and not all cash in the bank accounts
  7. kromrider


    Re: Apples and Oranges

    20 bucks to be fustrated by a naked girl that you may or may not be able to touch for about 3 minutes or 200.00 to a girl that will do just about anything for you for an hour. Not that hard of a desision for me Jack
  8. LOUMA


    working girls can make so much goddamn money on dry humps alone--too bad that 98% of them are bubbleheads and blow more cash than cock--
    Seriously ladies, save the money!!!
  9. jasonbuju


    a friend of mine from Chicago who flies in every couple of months to dance at one of those popular NJ stripsclubs would pull in about $650 on a low night and about a grand on a good night.

    I went shopping with her once and she blew 3 grand in a couple of hours. Living on her own with a three bedroom apt, two of them just had clothes.
  10. teeduke


    Have to agree with jmj on this.

    It's only logical that the median is a lot less than some of the big numbers being thrown around.

    Besides, these "careers" have limited runs. And the working conditions take their toll. When ladies are hot, they can make some good bucks. But they don't stay hot for long.
  11. jam master jay

    jam master jay

    My business is very successful, and my income is certainly reflective of that, but I'm skeptical... think about this:

    2K per night X 5nights a week = 10K a week

    52 weeks a year = 520,000 a year? Cash, too?

    Just think if there was ever a smart Scores-type girl, and what she could make of herself (even at half those numbers, it's not a bad living in this economy)...sad that they almost always turn out worse for the wear...
  12. nabbeun


    am not an expert on what strippers make, but have a good handle on what the fs mp girls make.

    this one girl i knew, in her first month working @$200 per (of which she kept only $1-150) she made $40k. that is the highest i ever heard so is prob the upside limit.

    she did this under ideal conditions - during the market boom in 2000 when money was flying; she was new/fresh, her first time working, and was very "popular". she was very beautiful - had been a print model in korea - but also had a serious addiction that sucked the money out even faster.

    others i have talked to, used to work at room salons and made on avg $10k per month - and they switched to working the mp because even though it meant more sex (rs girls spend most time drinking and company), their avg earnings was more like $20k/mo

    times are much slower now, but the good looking ones range from $15k to $30k. Most will not tell you the actual $$ because they don't want you calc'ing backward to figure how many guys they see a day - i guess it makes them a little embarassed, and they prefer you think its in the 4-5 a day range.

    even if you are a scores quality girl, i think it is hard to match these numbers. strippers have very good nights, and also very slow nights. the girl that made $5k working 3 nights prob was in good with mgmt that let her work only on the busy nights. most will have to mark time on the slow nights too, making not nearly as much. I would think it is pretty hard to beat $20-30k/mo tax free on a consistent basis.

    what does not change though, is that every girl i knew, no matter how many 100k's she made, has as of today no assets to her name. (i know of a couple that got out of the business having made about $500k, but cannot confirm those #s)
  13. danger-us

    danger-us BACKCHANNEL BOY

    Re: Apples and Oranges

    While Scores girls will make more than the 200/hr provider, both will make more than the woman selling apples and oranges.
  14. JackStraw


    Apples and Oranges

    Not really talking about equivalents here. The comparison with Scores would be one of the high$$$ places, not Julies.
    A girl at a 200/hr place is unlikely to make as much as one at a 2000/hr place.
    It would probably be fair to compare Julies to FStop, but not to Scores. In either case, I'd bet that the ones who make the most in 1 place, would make the most at the other. The bottom earners are better off at a strip club. A guy is more likely to ante up $20 for a dance, than $200 for an hour.
  15. buraq97


    Heidi Fleiss

    The worst day that Heidi ever had in her career was $7K the best was $93K.
  16. greekgirlinnj

    greekgirlinnj in loco CD

    i agree i thought he was nuts when he said that amount

    now mind u hes a 33 year old man that is a vp of a company..he has the money..so i did tell him dinner would be in the oven every week i clean..he orders out alot

    i agree in this economy it is tough..hell i thought december and january were gonna be a flop but december was my best month and jan was amazing as well

    now i have to say i find it hard this girl dont see men outside the club she tells him no and he kind of believes it untill a friend of mine whos a dancer came to his house with me to party boy did she make him see a new light

    i give dancers all the credit in the world they definately work harder than me but if i had the bod ya damn skippy id be shaking my ass in a club
  17. elsyan


    in this economy?

    hey having lived off of the expense account I have to say I doubt that the girls are making that much these days. sure 2k in one night is not unbelieveable. Hell I'm sure the best night a girl has made at scores might even be the 22k. but reality is that on average even the hottest girl is not pulling in that kind of money.

    the money just isn't out there like that.

    after tip outs and paying scores their share on top I'd say a girl would be lucky to make 2k takehome one night and about 5k a week. that's still a lot of money to shake your thing but as someone said, it's a finite asset. it ain't exactly something you can do for 5+ years.
  18. howardnotstern


    i don't know what is more difficult to believe, 22k for a night of lapdances, or $200/wk to clean a one bedroom apartment
  19. kromrider


    If the girl looks good enough to work at scores, but was a provider instead she could probably charge much more then a Julies girl. While I am a huge fan of Julies you will not be seeing any of her girls working at scores. I think an independant provider in this category is gonna make more then a scores girl.

    Thorn is right when I was younger I worked for an entertainment company that supplied DJs, strippers and girls for b/p. I mostely worked as a DJ but I did work with the dancers when the DJ business was slow. All of the girls that worked for him did huge amounts of drugs mostly coke. sometimes they would use more then they would make in a night. Actually I used to spend more on the girls then I would make sometimes as well. I guess i was just addicted to the other kind of crack.
  20. JoeyP


    Most girls that I've met only work 1-3 days per week. I've never tried to find out why but it seems like they have a certain amount of income in mind and stop there. I wonder if they are limited? I also wonder how much they have to pay each night just to work there? I know it keeps going up as they must tip an ever increasing amount to the house, dj, locker room etc.

    I have heard of the once in a while big spenders who have gone to the champaign room with some friends and a huge wad of money. It probably is possible for that once in a while "jackpot" night.