Who has been to Body Focus?

Discussion in 'NJ/NY/CT Massage / Spa' started by Kennedy, Feb 8, 2003.

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  1. Kennedy


    Okay, time to move on . . .

    Thanks fellas you have been very helpful. I think with the numerous options available, I will try another place before a return visit. The concensus seems to be that B.F. is overpriced. And now that I have a low success rate, It just is not worth it.

    I will keep you informed on my next experience.
  2. petehanse



    I agree with you, the day of the $ HJ are over for me . I refuse to pay that anymore. If you check out the ads in the village voice, you will see a sharp increase in the number of Asian providers. These girls are sweet, don't have attitudes, and deliver the goods for much less money! They are pricing out the competition!
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  3. teleman69


    I personally think paying that much for a hr or bj is silly. i would never pay it
  4. etchi ya na

    etchi ya na

    Body Focus

    Sorry to hear about your experience. All three masseuses I've met there were wary and careful, so being too forthright with them can make them think you're LE. Next time, try Martha, as I suggested in my review of BF. Let her know that you've been there before. $80/hr + $90/HR&Russian or $120/BJ.

    Like many others on the board, I'm taking a break from the hobby until the LE activity dies down, so I can't say whether Martha is still there. Also, you might want to park across the street from BF in the shopping center lot if you don't already.

    Happy hunting.
  5. biggod

    biggod The Rifleman


    I'm not to sure if you will get any farther the second visit. Every place is being careful today especially with new customers. Some are not taking new customers today. If I was you I would try the place in Jersey City I gave you the info last time.
  6. spanky123



    Sorry to hear about your experience there......
    Unfortunately, IMO the phrase YMMV holds true the most at MPs.
    Last time i was there was a few months ago, so i'm not sure if the menu has changed, but based on your post it seems that you're intent on going back.

    If nothing happens on the second visit, then definitely look elsewhere...
  7. Kennedy


    I am really frustrated. I got shut out at this place. I had a nice slender latina. After hearing great things from Spanky123. I was shut out. She said we don't do that here, when I inquired about extras. I plan on returning to see what is really up. Can anyone give secret code or something so this chick doesn't think I am LE. I got a half hearted massage. I need more, may have to travel out of Newark area.

    A mad Kennedy