whos the best one at juliesnyc?

Discussion in 'New York' started by burgoyne, Jun 4, 2001.

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  1. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Domino's pic is back on the website, so I guess she's back!
  2. beep9


    Is Domino back?
  3. Julienyc


    the best ,better than the rest

    I guess it is true what I read in the beginning of this thread, Ones mans trash is another mans treasure, ones mans feast is another mans famine.

    I would really advise you guys to look at the reviews because some really love BBBJs and wild sex and some want attention and affection. Domino is a freak for anything and everything. Vicki on the other hand is a seductive exotic delight.
  4. mrskins


    Now that the goddess has apparently returned, I'd love to have the ultimate experience with one of Julie's girls. Based on everything I've read, it seems (for me) to come down to Elanya or Domino. Any thoughts or advice?


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  5. Chernov


    best @ Julies cont....

    Talking about Giovanna, she was my first (about 2 years hence) & longtime favorite @ JNY. After a couple of visits she would always provide bbbj, although never to completion. I guess she wanted to get comfortable with you. As my appetite for variety increased, and I began visiting other girls @ Julies, I found Giovanna less enthusiastic than during earlier visits & no more bbbj.
    I did not press the issue, its just not within my level of comfort. At that time, some reviews on TBD & *** reflected my perceptions regarding her enthusiasm as well. Maybe Giovanna was getting a bit jaded about the business. She has been there longer & more frequently, during the 2 years I have visited, than any of Julies other gals. Regardless she is still very attractive, and has always enjoyed the classic 69 position. Maybe a future visit can return me to her good graces. definately worth a shot.

    Best regards,
  6. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    marquez, welcome to the club

    Great place, that Julie's is.
  7. marquez156


    Vikki is the best one

    I went there for the 1st time tonight. Vikki was tremendous, she is such a sweetheart. Be very nice to her fellas, Vikki is a darling.
  8. mrskins


    Since I’m going to be giving up the hobby, at least for the time being, I thought it only fair to share my thoughts on Julie’s girls for anyone who may be interested, since I have relied heavily on others’ opinions myself.

    Angel - just saw her the other night. Absolutely beautiful if you like some softness and curves. Very accommodating and energetic. BBBJ, DATY, K but no DFK. One cup of coffee, but she was pushing hard to make sure I had a second cup. Only drawback was that she doesn’t seem to be used to riding as opposed to being ridden. We had to stop twice as her legs were cramping up. Didn’t try, but if she does in fact do Greek, has a beautiful a** for it.

    Fatima - I know she’s know longer there but she told me she’d be back after the new year. To summarize then, completely lives up to her reputation w/ one exception, I didn’t think her BBBJ was as good as others have made it out to be.

    Lola - Beautiful body, large breasts for someone so petite. Perfect BJ lips. Very accommodating and energetic. Great BBBJ, DATY, but no K (ymmv). Multiple positions, multiple cups of coffee. A must-see.

    Chelsea - Another girl who’s apparently gone and don’t know if she’s coming back. To summarize, wild, accommodating, beautiful body, but for some reason, not somebody I would want to immediately see again.

    Sara - What can I say about Sara. She not only popped my hobbyist cherry, truth is she popped my cherry. Beautiful face, beautiful body, very accommodating, energetic. CBJ, DFK, DATY. She made me feel at complete ease. While I was told she varies and ymmv by several people, she was the best experience I’ve had at Julie’s. For me, completely GFE. Truth is, and maybe because it was my first experience, she is the only one I’ve seen who I actually thought of as a GF and not a provider. Have always wanted to see her again, but never had the opportunity.

    Haven’t been with any of the other girls, but those who I have met while there are clearly more beautiful than their pictures make them look.

    Tess and Beverly are the greatest. Helpful and they put you at ease.

    As for Julie, what can I say except thank you. You are the greatest.
  9. amaxxx


    what about syndey?

    anybody seen her?
  10. wimpy


    Not to brag, but it depends on the client. She is selective when and whom she does bbbj with. My first few times no BBBJ. And the last time she did and boy was it good.

  11. jgd


    I did not think Gio did bbbj. I tried twice with no luck. I've gotten them from ever other girl I been with there.
  12. Ozzy


    thats a lot of mileage...

    gio must have maybe a hundred reviews on jag alone....

    never saw bbbj in any of them. i saw her about 5 or 6 times and we clicked often........i never got it.

    you must have a honda civic (only car to claim 50 mpg) in your pants.

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  13. paladin



    As has often been said - YMMV
  14. littleguy

    littleguy Gold

    I saw Giovanna a fair time ago. It was fairly lackluste but maybe we just didn't click.

    "and when dining at the Y she's never in a hurry. " Hahahahahahahaha.............
  15. Ozzy


    i was just gonna say that too.


    she is/was my favorite at julies...bbbj or not.
  16. nycjohn25


    I thought Giavanni didn't allow bbbj?
  17. paladin


    Julie's best

    While most of the girls at Julie's are quite good, my personal choice has to go to Giavanna. She's pretty, enthusiastic and always makes me feel like a king. She knows what I like and and allows me to indulge her own desires. Its a mutual thing - we both enjoy it. Great BBBJ and when dining at the Y she's never in a hurry.
    Julie runs a great operation.
  18. DickNervous


    I recently had a doubles session with Domino and Chelsea. To say Domino is enthusisatic would be an understatement. She will attack you! :)

    Chelsea has a different approach, a bit more sublte and subdued, but just as good.

    My favorite part though are Domino's nice, big, soft melons. I could get lost in them for hours ;-)
  19. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Call Julie's

    They should be able to help.
  20. Luciano


    I leave town for 1 1/2 Weeks....

    And half the Julie's girls leave. Well, it is an ephemeral business, with hobbyettes flitting hither and thither like so many fireflies on a lazy June evening. I just wish they would stay in one place for longer. Anyway, thats what we have this great board for. So now, I hear about this Brazilian foursome that is making waves in the city....

    Speaking of the Julie's site, I have at least 8 posted reviews of Julie's girls, but that damn website@julies guy keeps insisting I don't have a number. Has anyone else had similar problems?