Will we eventually get caught with our pants down?

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Waist Product, Jan 24, 2003.

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  1. Waist Product

    Waist Product

    Woww trhis thread is an oldieb but goodie.


    "You last visited: 07-11-2007"

    damn those were the mothrfuckin days. heyday.
  2. paperpusher


    If a wife has sex five times a week (wild sex), middle age guys will have greatly reduced ability to monger. having sex 8 times a week becomes a job and not pleasurable after awhile.

    There was a time not too recently when I had to endure that. Got burnt out on the sex, my not the adrenaline rush on the hunt. But it did cut in to my desire to monger. More than half the times I could not come with a condom and a disinterested provider. It lost its appeal. The actual massage became more important than the HE.

    Now having older children that are up later than me or my SO, and barge in to our rooms all the time, my SO wont have sex until they are asleep. That greatly cut down on frequency. Giving me the ability to monger without abandom again.
  3. FoxyMonica


    IMO Is not a matter of IF ? it is a matter of WHEN?

    Just like us providers ... I just have been lucky like you fellas.... so far
  4. Stockbroker


    I knew a dude who was madly addicted to mongering. He had a great family n kids....anew something on the side...after many years of this, one day he got ab email saying she got pregnant, to make matters worse, he left his secret email account unattended and his wife found out. Now his 12marriage is ruined.

    This is risky business. Never leave a trace. Never keep a phone number saved or anything for that matter. Keep your wife treated well and she wont suspect a thing.

    Goodluck fellas,

  5. trader1


    I am not sure if I agree with you Paper.. Is it the lack and frequency of the wild sex that drives us, or is it the excitement of being with a different woman - a different look, technique, personality and so forth....
  6. paperpusher


    There is one way for a wife to stop or greatly reduce the amount that their man cheats.
    Give him more wild sex than he could possible handle. It will suck out the energy and desire of most men (assuming the wife is not fat or hidious).

    They do not do that. They just perfer to put their energy in to tracking the guy down and then crucifying him. The problem often, is that the wife is obvlious to how they contributed to the problem. If half the guys cheat, the wife has to assume there is a fair chance this will be a problem.

    The problem also is that a good % of the wives think the guy is nothing more than a paycheck and a juniour partner in raising the kids/housework or home maintanence. They feel, the guy needs to grow up and assume responsibilites. Usually both parties are too tired to want to have sex. The wife has the mommy instinct in her so this is furfilling, where they guy feels a void.

    Even when you speak with the wife, it usually gets better for awhile than reverts back to old habbits. Me personally, I am a little better off than this scenario, but I see it often enough.
  7. letsgetstarted


    what's text messaging monitoring?
  8. VirKodo


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  9. SirF


    Dude. She suspects. Do you think she is stupid or something? Also, those GPS trackers can be installed surreptitiously in your car or whatever and you wouldn't even know it. Be careful....
  10. LISteve


    I hobby during the day during the week as I am self-employed and this is easy. I also usually hit a SC or Edison Strip where the girls I see don't use perfume. Besides I keep a set of whoring clothes in the trunk. My schedule never changes and I don't come home smelling. I don't call or e-mail whores. Very little chance I am getting caught. Problems occur if a whore is all perfumed up. Then I got to hit the shower right when I come home. I just say I had bathroom issues and needed to get cleaned up. Once or twice she has said my clothes stank of perfume ... "Oh I ran into Sally who used to work for me and she gave me a big hug ... yeah I know ... she always used too much perfume." I have never been caught or suspected. Now if I was coming home at 3 AM smelling of perfume and lipstick on my dick ... that would be a different story! I do worry about these GPS things that can show people where you are with the cell phone. I would never allow my wife have access to any of that crap.
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  11. SirF


    Yeah. Once wifey suspects something, it would be best to ditch existing cell phones and rent a car for extracurricular activities.
  12. out of control

    out of control

    yea soon everyone will have a video phone and the wife can say. Turn on the video and show me where u are.
  13. SirF


    The good thing about these assholes that spam this board is that they give you a good reason to re-read some old threads.

    What scares me is all the new technology that the SO can use like GPS tracking, text message monitoring, even blackberry monitoring....scary....
  14. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    Didn't OJ say that too?
  15. Bill Furniture

    Bill Furniture Flounder

    I was gonna DITTO his post, now I'm just scared to.
  16. JackT


    I haven't the faintest idea!

  17. Fargo


    You're sooooo right. What was I thinking, even suggesting such a thing...?
  18. sean960


    Good Point

    If she is dailing your numbers,something is already wrong...
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  19. SkellyChamp



    "I'm never and I repeat never ever getting caught"
    Casper 2003

    "I'm never and I repeat never ever getting caught"
    Richard Nixon 1973

    "I'm never and I repeat never ever getting caught"
    Julilus Rosenberg 1953
  20. DRAGON69


    to all the men who are married ,dating etc. for get out it they know something how much they know thats another story but they know we just can't fool the woman (there really not human) thats why you cover all tracks including what bbm has stated that if has to go back to the gym and shower with your own soap and not another brand so very key just keep hobbying and be careful