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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Jarhead, Feb 23, 2006.

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  1. justbill_redux

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    Wanna know the answers to those tech questions, this is the palce. How many guys do you know that can mod, unlock, flash and flex their cell phones? This is the place. Just be careful whose advice you follow. Oh and some good hookers to fuck, cant forget that.
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  2. vorhaut


    I have all my disks formatted FAT32 with XP Pro. I simply boot with a DOS or Win98 floppy/CD and delete the file(s) the oldfashion way :)
  3. studman



    I'm amazed at how many UG's are computer savvy and computer geeks, even though some of the answers to jarhead's issue seem to differ! Me, I'm technologically challenged! I had no ideas what you guys were talking greek (pardon the pun). However it sure is comforting to know that all of you took the time to help him. Now I know who to turn to instead of hanging on the phone for hours with Dell, Verizon or Microsoft in trying to resolve tech problems!!!!!!! LOL
  4. daengman


    OK, what I am going to suggest, many techies would consider a crime of the highest possible order worthy of serious hard time in Leavenworth or Attica or some other hellhole.
    When I have files that I want to delete that windows doesn't want to delete i say "fuck bill gates" and drop to DOS using the command in windows accessories. Once at the DOS command prompt, you can use the delete command "del". E.g. (including the command prompt which you will see on the screen)
    C:\> del C:\my folder\...\
    (Note: for those who don't know to get to "C:\>" from the command prompt that first appears type "cd\". For me it's a matter of habit from the old days of DOS and gives a cleaner line.)

    This will exterminate just about any file that isn't in use at the time (it has always worked for me) and I have never had any OS problems because of its' use. I am cautious and only use it for files that I am at least 95%+ sure that are unwanted files from spyware, etc.

    Actually in practice I usually use an old DOS program called "Fastlinx". I used it extensively in the days of DOS. It still works in XP once you go to the command prompt. It allows me to browse files and to delete them. It can still copy and move files, but as a DOS program, it only allows file names of 8 characters and if you move or copy files with it, the file name will be truncated to 8 characters.
    There is a windows version of Fastlinx. I don't have it and have never used it. Also there are other similar uility programsfrom the days of DOS and windows versions which should do the same thing.

    For me when I use the DOS commands it's "problem solved"!
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    Listen, if your "office MCSE techie" sent you that exactly as you say you cut and pasted it, then be prepared for some computer down time. =20 isn't some "techie jargon". Let me cut and paste some "techie jargon" from the site
    where I found that exact same login script workaround.

    This was what I was directing the user to. As I'm just=20
    wasting everybody's time by responding, in the future, I=20
    shall not respond at all. Hope you're all happy now. One=20
    less NG poster. PS - answers most=20
    questions anyway.


    3343 =BB What are the %SystemRoot%\System32
    \Perflib_Perfdataxxx.dat files?

    The %SystemRoot%\System32\Perflib_Perfdataxxx.dat files=20
    are created by the System Monitor. When you shutdown=20
    normally, the file should be deleted.

    If you have an abormal shutdown, these files can become=20
    orphaned, and accumulate on your computer.

    Under some yet to be determined circumstances, these=20
    files can become orphaned during normal operation.

    The best way to remove these files is to add a command in=20
    a logon script:

    del /q %SystemRoot%\System32\Perflib_Perfdata*.dat

    Comment from st_steve
    Date: 09/05/2002 02:05PM PDT
    Comment =20

    What program creates them? WINDOWS (apparently stands=20
    for "Will Install Needless Data On Whole System"). I mean=20
    think about it, System Monitor/Performance Monitor on a=20
    home edition of Windows XP? Come on Uncle Bill, you gotta=20
    be kidding, right?

    Not sure about Windows XP but you can access the System=20
    Monitor interface by issuing "perfmon" in Windows 2000.

    Comment from singlpop
    Date: 09/05/2002 05:50PM PDT
    Author Comment =20

    ....this is my third attempt to post a comment.=20

    While I appreciate the comments very much, I was hoping=20
    someone could tell me specifically what service/program=20
    creates these files in the specific location namely=20
    C:\windows\temp after I power down and reboot or so it=20
    seems now, and how I can stop the creation of these=20
    files. I opened one of the files in word and all that was=20
    there was a lot empty small squares. Row and rows of=20
    Comment from pjknibbs
    Date: 09/05/2002 10:58PM PDT
    Comment =20

    st_steve: You could get a simplified System Monitor on=20
    Win9x, so why not on XP Home Edition?
    Comment from singlpop
    Date: 09/06/2002 10:38AM PDT
    Author Comment =20

    I ran perfmon from the Run command and searched it and=20
    find no reference to these files as nothing has been=20
    setup in the console. It isn't in startup and to my=20
    knowledge it had never been opened until your post=20
    st__steve, I have disabled all startup items from=20
    msconfig and the files were still created on startup the=20
    files only dated back to 8-7-02 so I must have installed=20
    a windows component or update that started this some time=20
    around that date. I still don't know why these files are=20
    created or what service/program creates them. It seems=20
    there is not much interest in helping figure this out so=20
    I will go ahead and award you both the points if I don't=20
    get the answer by later today. Thanks for your interest.=20

    Comment from singlpop
    Date: 09/06/2002 10:41AM PDT
    Author Comment =20

    I removed Management and Monitoring Tools from windows=20
    components through the Control Panel and the files were=20
    deleted on reboot and none were created. Thanks for the=20

    I'll create another question to award points to st__steve=20
    and accept sburck comment as an answer.=20
    Comment from Spaghetti_Junction
    Date: 12/02/2003 02:09PM PST
    Comment =20

    This is not a valid logon script:

    del /q %SystemRoot%\System32\Perflib_Perfdata*.dat

    I've tried it and it doesn't work.

    I hate these perflib files - I'm sure they keep changing=20
    my homepage and starting pop up everytime I connect to=20
    the internet.


    Now you see why I told Jarhead to leave off the =20 from each line in order to read this message. Let me repeat =20 is NOT some "techie jargon".

    BTW the login script is not a fix its a workaround because the underlying problem, some application that’s not shutting down correctly will still be running. The correct fix is identifying the application and determine why its causing a problem.

    Now if you really want to test your “office MCSE tech” ask him how to write said login script and where to place it to get it to run.
  6. Jarhead


    Your right BUT:

    You know when your gazing at a beautiful little snatch and it's got a little mole or abberation on one of those labes and you KNOW it's nothing dangerous but you'd be a little more comfortable if it wasn't there.....?? Same analogy...... just really bothered me. Same as Monk.
  7. Jarhead


    BINGO - Ozzy and JB - Both right: THANKS.

    I knew that, as stated earlier. My old way to address that issue was to shut everything, down that was running in the background (except Explorer & Systray). Without those two they won't reload on a fresh boot (in Win98). But, XP has a lot of shit built in the Task Manager that is greek to me and I was leery to shut down ALL background running programs for fear of not being able to boot back up and have a full install. Turns out this was related to Nero/InCD, which I use to burn hard drive backups on DVD. The tip came from a BB link that Justbill posted and as I siphoned through it I picked up on a discussion related to InCD Program issues, which is bundled with Nero. I tried to dump the whole program but it also was locked in and wouldn't allow me to do it because it has a ghost "running in the background" at all times which makes the program "in use". So; i went to the TASK MANAGER and dumped the InCd .exe. ( Which BTW created 3 NEW files in the Temp File that i couldn't dump either (tied to this S/W). These guys are slick. I went back to Programs in Control Panel and dumped InCD which i now could delete, because I had I shut down the InCd.exe running in the background via the TASK MANAGER. This also eliminated the 3 temp files too. PROBLEM SOLVED. Ozzy's MS geru's way also works by tricking the OS into thinking the program is something else but then I couldn't identify the original program responsible. Thanks a lot for all the suggestions. I can't tell you the hours i had wasted on this shit. I'll be curious to see if Nero still works without InCD but I'll address it when that comes up. Thanks again.
  8. Ozzy



    What a putz...

    The code works, aparently the "=20" is some insider techie jargon that of course you have no clue about. My tech *****ed the code to my desk so I could paste it here. I didn't alter it nor read it cause honestly I have no fucking clue how it works.
  9. oddfellow4870


    Exactly. Since Windblows is designed to allow the captains of industry to get at the user, you probably get lots of uneeded files every day you browse the web. I suggest spybot search and destroy. Whatever it doesn't get, ignore ....
  10. beadman


    not a virus, not spyware, so I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. justbill_redux

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    Files in use by the OS are not deletable. That might be the case with this file Jarhead is asking about.
  12. SlickWilly


    Everything is deletable. There's an icon of this program somewhere in your hard drive that's hidden itself. I had that one time with an adult web site. Every time I tried deleting it, it would pop up on my screen. It hid itself in one of my folders. It took a while to find, but I got rid of it.
  13. justbill_redux

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    Dont know if this will help but take a look at;en-us;305610

    It contains a section on deleting counters in the System Monitior.

    To delete counters from System Monitor
    1. Click Start, click Run, and then type perfmon.msc in the Open box.
    2. In the Performance window, right-click the right pane, and then click Delete.

    To obtain details about counters
    1. Click Start, click Run, and then type perfmon.msc in the Open box.
    2. In the Performance window, right-click the right pane, and then click Add Counters.
    3. Under Performance object, click an object.
    4. Under Performance counters, click the counter for which you want information.
    5. Click the Explain button.
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    I knew Ozzy would figure this one out !

    Hows the new secretary ??
  16. Ozzy


    Lucky you I'm at the office working late with one of my techie guys who happens to be an MCSE...... it appears your system monitor is fucking with you. He says you need to add a command in the logon script=20.

    del /q %SystemRoot%\System32\Perflib_Perfdata*.dat
  17. BillyBonker


    Have you tried starting up in safe mode and then try deleting?
  18. Jarhead


    I got this .dat file in my temp folder that I cannot remove. Before one of you guys that knows what he's doing asks; it's Windows XP Pro that I'm running.

    Here's the file: Perflib_Perfdata_6c0.dat

    I have researched hard to get rid of this thing and I just can't do it. When in doubt; ASK UG TROOPS. I'm not sure how it got there, what it does or if it's a problem but it's in my temp file which I clear weekly except for this mole. I go to the START button: RUN button and type: %temp%; highlight everything and delete all except this thing is fucking UNDELETABLE. This sonofabitch gives me a window telling me it's in use and shared and will not delete. This has been going on for months; I attack it every once in awhile and then get frustrated and give up researching. I've gone to microsoft; google; norton, etc and can NOT find anything on what it is, or does, but it doesn't belong there. I found someone else with the same problem but the guy was in germany and i couldn't decipher the german hieroglyphics. I don't know if it's being shared with a program running in the background but with the older versions of Windows, I used to open the Task Manager and shut everthing down that was running in the background except Explorer and Systray but with XP there's so much running in the background that i'm afraid I'll fuck sumpin up if I start closing them out. Can any of you PC Wiz's solve this for me??? Thanks.