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Discussion in 'Florida' started by JackT, Jan 21, 2003.

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  1. JackT


    From the site:

    Well, Operation Flea Collar is over and The Big Dope and associated cronies have beaten the wrap.

    Hats off to them for finding legal representation who was able to twist and manipulate the laws to their advantage.

    Still, the charges were just dropped.

    Escaped on a technicality.

    It is not like they were declared innocent by a jury of their peers.

    Let's hope the charges are re-filed.

    Having said that I know that now it is time to put Wook World to rest.

    It has served it's purpose.

    Reporting the truth about OFC.

    It survived all of Jackson's crap and his attempted extortion.

    It survived all of the feces that Spocko, and all of his other varied incarnations, shoveled out.

    I have enjoyed the participation and views of most of you.

    I have tolerated the participation and views of a few of you.

    But I have let ALL of you have your say and that is something that you will never, ever get from The Big Dope.

    But this is just not any fun anymore...

    Besides, I have better things to do...

    [golf photo]