World Wide Sexpriences?

Discussion in 'New York' started by ROYAL, Jun 10, 2001.

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    My experience is that the FKK clubs are relatively inexpensive, compared with what we've come to expect here. Last year I visited one in Frankfurt. I spent 100DM to get in and 100DM each on two girls. So for under $200 I had a great time!

    As I understand it, if you ask at most news kiosks at the main train station in each city in Germany, they'll sell you an adult entertainment map with listings of legal establishments. Some of the FKK clubs are listed on the net -- just do a search for "FKK Club" (be careful, because FKK alone simply refers to the nudist movement in Germany and I imagine most board members wouldn't be too interested in spending an evening at a nudist colony when they meant to spend it at a club). These clubs are usually located just outside of the city, but with public transportation as good as it is in Germany, you can usually get to them quickly, easily and inexpensively. It helps to know a little German.
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    Info on Germany...

    Germany is a beautiful country. The only problem is there are too many Germans (lol).

    To answer a question posted in a different thread regarding the legality of prostitution in Germany, the answer is yes, it's legal.

    What is illegal is pimping (as we know it here in the US).

    The mentioned FKK Clubs are considered the upper end of brothel type prostitution in Germany.

    The following site has some good info regarding FKK clubs:

    Within most cities, there is also an "eros center", which is typically located close to the train station.

    These places are like college dorms (small rooms, typically a few stories high) and rent rooms to the women.

    The women range from 5 to 9 in looks.

    They typically stand in the door ways and smile as you walk by. You simply walk up, ask how much, and your in.

    A bj will cost you about $25, and FS about $50 (the exchange rate is currently about 2.2 DM per $).

    I have never have uncovered in an eros center, and the sex can be a bit mechanical (YMMV). You also must make sure she's truly blowing you (as I've caught a couple trying to get away with blocking my vision and giving a HJ while bobbing the head up and down).

    Overall, you get what you pay for, and if you have the money and time to get to an FKK club, you definitely should go. I would suggest the eros center if your stuck in a town that doesn't have an FKK club near by, or if you're short on cash.

    I warn you, once you have this type of experience, it's tough to come back to our prudish country!



    I've posted several times about fabulous experiences in Amsterdam at some of the clubs there, particularly Yab Yum and Club Elegance.
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    Kewl !

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    I'm Off to Spain in a few months and was curious if anyone has had any Services provided there?(please say Yes) If not, Post a Sexperience you've had anywhere else in the world that's worth recommending to anyone in their Travels! Nobel Has a Great one listed on Germany. Also, John J is currently in Portugal and I'm sure he wouldn't mind seeing a post or 2 about them out there! . Thanx !
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