www.nycream.com anyone use them yet

Discussion in 'New York' started by BigMadM, Feb 13, 2003.

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  1. TuckernotSucker


    Rumor has it that she jumped on her whistle and blew her horse.
  2. llc


    Does anyone know what happened to Holly? It appears the agency no longer exists, because the phone number on their web site is disconnected.
  3. justlooking


    Time To Post This Sitcom Quote Again

    LOU: Kid, you've got spunk.

    MARY: Oh gee well thank you.

    LOU: I hate spunk.
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  4. Thorn


    Re: Re: JL

  5. Slinky Bender

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    Re: JL

    I like 'em better with some of my spunk.
  6. TuckernotSucker



    What is intergoty?

    Anyway the girl sounds hot, I like em with spunk. Mebe she just doesnt do phones?
  7. justlooking


    It's always a great thing to see a phone girl with intergoty.
  8. JohnJ

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    Welcome to UtopiaGuide...!!! Nice to see some input from the fone gals.... you held up very well...!!


    John J
  9. replaceholder


    Re: shut up , grow up Learn a lession

    What the hell does intergoty mean? ridence? learn a lession?

    Based on the two reviews on this thread, I would lean towards believing the positive, simply because I can't understand half of what the negative one says... not to mention that the problem sounds like more of a timing coordination snafu than an actual service issue.

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  10. bobo529


    Tell the owner to place an Ad on this site and we'll wait for some more reviews of your agency.
  11. TeleCream



    Your lie doesn't really hurt me? But it does hurt the owner and girls who work here. And the owner has been around for a while. Her instructing me not to send Holly to that neighborhood after checking it on Mapquest goes to show how professional she really is.

    Although, you may appear to take the high road by refusing to banter. Means little since you stooped so low as to lie and say I threatened to "OUT" you. How can I even out you if you gave me false information.

    I don't think any of the ladies you cited in your post would send a girl to any address when the only apartment number given is top floor left side. That's irresponsible.

    Your a liar. I know it, you know it, now the owner knows it, but you're pretending to pass along legitimate information to these gentlemen cause I wouldn't send Holly to you. Some may even fall for it since it's human nature to accept negative information over positive. But you can't go through life lying and deceiving without it coming back to you. These are my beliefs. That's why I would never threaten to out someone.

    Why would I call and threaten to "out" you if I didn't answer the phone for a long time after telling you I would call you back. That makes no sense. You are a very bitter and angry person.

    I've said my piece.
  12. bigfun


    shut up , grow up Learn a lession

    Kathy at NY tens
    Lisa or marty at impulse
    Tiffany of AAA

    Call them and learn how to have the intergoty necessary for success in this biz or your agency will fail before it gets of the ground also try to get a few pennies together and get another phone line

    I will not banter back and forth on this; this is my last post about you regardless of how you twist facts and continue to lie & BS from here on goodbye good ridence.
  13. TeleCream


    The Truth

    This is my first post on your board. I wish it could be under more positive circumstances. BigFun has told a huge, whalesized lie in order to cast a bad light on the agency I work for. I had a feeling he would come here and air his greviences. I hate to narrarate the sordid details, but people should not be able to tell such lies and get away with it scott free.

    I've been doing phones for a few years now and know there's no greater sin than outting someone. Obviously BigFun knows that too. But, those words NEVER came from my mouth.

    As a phone manager it's not only my job to make appointments for clients but to make sure I verify properly so the girl I send out is safe. This person who wants to call himself BigFun called saying he wanted an outcall, he asked for a half hour, and he wasn't happy with the price I quoted him. He said he read on UtopiaGuide that a 1/2 hour was less. While he was on the phone I came to this site to see if someone indeed posted the rate he wanted. When I didn't see any information on our 1/2 hour rates he said he knows the guy and they spoke personally. It sounded shaky but BigFun and I agreed on a price. He then wasn't sure where he wanted to see the girl at. He said he would be off of work at 7:00 (also note that he called from a gas station that was supposed to be his job) so I asked him if he wanted an outcall to his home. He agreed. He wanted her to meet him there but I told him I had to wait for him to arrive home so I could verify his information. He called at 6:47 and said he was at home, he gave me a number which also happened to be on the caller ID but it read No Name. I tried to verify the phone number through the normal channels and couldn't, so I decided to make sure it was a real address. He called back again while I was trying to verify the information, and said he lived in an apartment. He refused to give me an apartment number and would only say, 'tell her to go the top floor left side". I called the owner and told her my dilemna. Even though the address did exist, she said we couldn't send Holly there. So I attempted to call BigFun back, and low and behold I received a cellular voic***** message, I hung up and called back again, and got the same thing. I waited a while and tried again and finally got him I tried to tell him what the dilema was, but he was very nasty and hung up. I called again because for some reason I felt he was on the up and up and tried to tell him again that the owner would not let me send Holly without the proper information and try to fix it so she could see him. He called me a fucking idiot and said he was gonna let "everyone" know it too. So I suspected his rant would end up here.

    My job is to send girls out, that's how I make money. Valentine's day is not very busy, so I would love to make an appointment. But I have to do my job and keep the girls safe too. I'm sure this is the boys club, and you really could care less what I have to say, but I don't think it's right that someone lie just to be spiteful.
  14. bigfun


    They are not a real biz yet or they are not serious

    Based on Johnboy s review I thought well this is cool a LI provider that can get to NYC in 35 min heck bet she can get to nassau in 15 so I call tonight from work get Lisa negotiate the deal give info and book Holly for a half hour at my house( they said a valentine days special half hour 160 :) ) Double good news a half hour agency. Lisa says she wont send her until i get home but it will take her 20 min so i rush home and call she says she is going to call her and call me back with a time in 5 min. I wait no call back so i call get a machine call again get lisa she says she is getting direction from mapquest i say better if i give them, she says no that their policy is to use mapquest to keep the phone free I stress that its a hard palce to find she says mapquest is the way they do it and she has to get off phone and will call me back with exact time in 5. I wait again, no call ,wait 10, I call get machine, wait another 10 call get machine leave mnessage again, wait 5 call again get machine leave message say i am outa here.

    Go to a bar then at 815 get lisa (my first call was at 615 from my office) she says some BS about called you got voice mail did not want to leave a message and did not think it was a serious call heck they had my home number last name all the qualifying stuff she was full of shit and besides I had told her that I was taking a shower and to leave a mesage I tell hjer to loose my info and go away I hang up and then she has the nerve to call me back and make vailed threats to "out me" what BS IF THIS WAS SERIOUS BIZ THEY WOULD HAVE MORE THAN ONE PHONE LINE AND PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE AND CALL BACK WHEN THEY SAY THEY WOULD

  15. BigMadM

    BigMadM Linoleum

    what the fuck is this world coming to?
    An agency that actually trys to give a precise description.
    A girl that travels and shows up.
    A pretty girl that offers great service at a good price.

    but now i just read bigfuns description. Oh boy.
    Whats a horny john to do?
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  16. JerseyDevil


    Wow, can't believe BillFurniture hasn't fucked any of them yet. I know I won't turn my back on that dude if I ever meet him.
  17. JohnBoy



    I think they are based in Manhattan, cause Holly's from LI in she came to me in the city.
  18. Daddycool


    They didn't charge you more because of "travel" time. Thats a great deal then. I wonder if there won't be an extra charge of Northern NJ.
  19. JohnBoy


    Saw Holly@Cream Last Night

    So I call Lisa at Cream again about the prebooking I had with Holly. She set it up, and told me that her hair is curlier than the pictures cause she just got her hair done. I laughed cause It seemed like a silly thing to tell me, but she told me that she has to give the right description.... AMEN!

    It took her about 35 minutes to get to me from L.I., I opened the door to find a cute girl standing in front of me dressed in jeans & boots. She had dimples, blonde hair, and blue yes. She looked just like the photo except her hair was curlier (as I was told) and she was a little slimmer. She was all dimples while we chatted, I offered her a drink, although she politely declined. We handled the business, and I started to undress her. Meanwhile she rubbed me to attention while offering a little LFK. I asked her if she was into bbbj, and she joked about me having a pretty dick and dove in head first. She gave an intense passionate bj with no cover causing me to spill. She wiped me off, and covered me up. I started out with a gymnast variation of missionary,and went into doggy.

    All in all, Holly was great. Well worth the $250. Hopefully all the girls are this good.
  20. Casper


    I don't think so. Patty's breasts are not as wide if my memory serves me right.