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  1. RuffToy


    I remember the old days when girls actually had hair on their pussy.
  2. justlooking


    When I was young we had to walk to AMPs, uphill both ways. None of this pussyshit taxi and subway stuff.
  3. mysteri


    Yea, All's quiet on the western front! To quiet. Use to look and read the board, now it's more like glimpse and ho hum. Oh, for the good ole days!!
  4. studman


    Those were the days my friend ,those were the days. Yes, sorely missed. Especially Donna, Linda and Stella. Real Professionals! LOL
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  5. popeye


  6. smileee


    In looking back over the past couple of years, IMHO, the MP scene has changed which in turn has impacted the board. When I discovered UG, Dayflower, Splendor’s predecessor (forgot the name), Broker’s Lounge, The Horizon Center, etc., the providers were from various ethnic backgrounds....Russians, Latinos, and the “All American Gal.” The exception was the AMPS, which I do not recall being as prevalent as they are now. There was less hassling or bargaining when it came to the donation and the providers seemed friendlier, not in a total rush and less mechanical, etc. A metamorphous took place. Dayflower closed for a while and reopened as Amber. The Horizon Center was no longer and Broker’s Lounge changed. Splendor became popular with the likes of Linda, Stella, Donna et. al and the service was usually more than adequate with an extensive menu. Mongers like Toreador, “The American Ambassador” to the RMPs became real friendly and personal with the talent and JohnnyT44 was pounding away at the RMPs and reviewing his sessions with great enthusiasm and detail. Capitan was always steering a straight course and warning us to be careful. Don Quixote wrote a best selling novel on how he got hooked on a hooker and down the road Chachi4 followed with his Val novel, or a Jayson Blair version of it.

    Now to the present. Brokers Lounge is now Personal Best and really extraordinarily expensive. Like many RMP’s, Splendor is no more and Amber downsized. Donna and Stella are history, Val disappeared and one of our ATFs, Linda, just vanished into thin air. Personally speaking, what a shame! Unlike the past, we now must ask what’s on the menu or are told what’s available and then we debate the donation. After we get by that, which is a turnoff, often times the service ends up being rushed and varies from bad to good with a rare exception. Like Chinese restaurants, AMPs have proliferated bringing with them reduced costs, an extensive menu, more client oriented service and talent “that is here today and gone tomorrow.” Mongers rarely have one or two favorite MPs with their ATFs and don’t get up-front and personal with the providers as they did..

    For now, since we don’t hear much from Toreador who may be totally involved with his new job, as Brazilian Ambassador, JohnnyT, is on an eternal quest looking for another ODA, Chachi, well, is obviously behaving and married and miserable, Don Quixote is looking for some inspiration so he can write his next best selling novel and Capitan is a little off course for now. As for me, well, I now patronize a couple of AMPs, where there is a huge turnover in “talent” but more bang for the buck. On occasion, when I feel a little flush, I use an agency and for the most part my days at RMPs are just fond memories. At times, I journey into the past and read some of the posts and threads and long for those days of yesteryear. Well, just thought I’d throw in my 2 cents and see if any other mongers feel the same and miss the ole days.