You boneheads ever stop to think...

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  1. bigcecil


    And, while I'm on a rant -- aren't there enough REAL crimes out there, like murder, rape, and robberys? Should our tax money be wasted fighting R&T joints when LE could be fighting other real crimes?

    I don't want my tax money used that way. I'd rather have LE keeping murders off the streets than hassling girls for doing something that is completely, utterly, harmless.
  2. bigcecil


    It should be legalized. As far as I'm concerned, any activity that does not harm someone else (who is not a willing participant) should be legal.

    If you want to sell your body for money, why should it be a crime? Who is hurt? Nobody. IN FACT, making these activities illegal is what makes them dangerous. It pushes them to the back alleys. If you look at the scene in Vegas, it is vastly more safe.

    Given, its expensive there -- but that is because its illegal everywhere else. If it was legalized everywhere, it would be safer for the girls, the guys, the Man could tax it, and the price would stablize at something reasonable.

    Just my 2 cents.
  3. ecpaul


  4. ecpaul



    Just legalize prositution, make it safe, keep the criminal elements out and this "slavery" as you claim (I'm not saying it's untrue). Instead you come on the board with these veiled threats and waste my hard earned taxpayer dollars. Why don't you work on a better solution than the failed drug wars and vice wars you've waged.

    And btw here is some informaiton 1/2 the fun is the possibility of getting caught Gomer Pyle.
  5. smb


    dreth = dick

  6. redaktor


    Doing Dreth to death

    I agree, even though Virginia Woolf would not (she believed there was something called "women's writing"). Still, that is not a point I was making; I just noticed certain phrases that seemed "gendered."

    And I also agree: let's move on. Let's get back to what AMPs are open, and worth the trip. I was at the one on Grant before it closed and re-opened recently. Worth returning? Had seen Debbie, an older women who offered BBBJ and enthusiasm.
  7. makemesmile


    I believe you are the only one debating. The rest of us see through the BS. I don't care what this idiots motivation was. I won't try to create a psych profile either. It is amusing. I don't have anything better to do. It's called leisure time.
  8. wheninvegas2005


    At least he followed the rules. Posted a review before going off topic
  9. fluidjazz


    so mms, i guess you'll never have to worry about being confused with being intellectual. i hope this contiued debate on the identity of some putz posting amuses you. frankly, you should have better things to do, but somehow i am not surprised.

    also, it could be either deductive or inductive reasoning, but whatever it is, it is wrong to ASSUME that women will always write better than men (jeez, there are a few authors that might shdder a little at that thought) and that IF the poster is found out on these pages, they will instantly 'fess up.

    dream on.

    its LE, its his S.O., its space aliens...
    what it is is pointless.
  10. gern777


    me thinks SHE doth protest too much

    Dreth is a woman, baby!!

    a guy would never refer to other men as "you men"

    Who gives a fuck who she is...although if I had to guess I'd bet she
    looks a little something like this...

    that would explain why she caught her husband hitting the AMP!!!
  11. makemesmile


    WOW! I hope everyone is impressed by your giant brain. You pretend to be an intelectual but come across more as an asshole.
  12. UG Staff

    UG Staff Staff

    I tried, but someone put a thick black line thru it in my copy. I wonder who would do such a thing.
  13. redaktor



    Chill man. Ain't nobody sure about anything here. Remember what I said about the New Yorker cartoon. And it's inductive, not deductive, reasoning some of us have used. You can look it up. In a dictionary.
  14. michael0520


    "The fact that ANYONE can feign righteous indignation while playing BOTH sides of the fence, quite frankly, gives me gas!" - U71

    This statment is still the funniest part of this thread. I still chuckle when I read it. LOL

    I am an Indentured Servant to my job & business and quite frankly it gives me gas, too!

    You guys are great......keep it up.........
  15. fluidjazz


    a little concerned

    first, i kind of believe that this back and forth on the 'true identity' of this dreth person is a waste of time.

    if he is LE, do you expect him to tell you??? NO!

    if it's his wife\girlfriend\boyfriend (maybe he's on the 'up high'), do you think there'll be a post saying 'YES!! YOU GOT ME!??? NOOOOOO!

    and if you use as your 'logical deduction' pathway the idea that the proper use of grammar, spelling and punctuation or the 'turning of a phrase' is soem sure sign of 'female' or 'law', well then you are an IDIOT. Maybe he is just literate. Now THERE'S a thought!!! Wow, he went to school and actually LEARNED how to spell and write.

    The general illogicality of the deductive reasoning process used by many of the 'shouters' at dreth or whomever has left me just a little concerned about the way many brains work. Clearly there must be something wrong with the water in your house. Replace those old lead pipes!!
  16. elmaster


    Agree with falcon and redaktor, I think dreth was a newbie hobbist and wasn't very careful, got caught by the wife or SO and this is her oh-so-very-lame attempt at shaming us into giving up the hobby.

    First of all, an LEO would not out himself or herself in the boards, why? why not keep the charade and post like all of you LE that I know you're there, lurking behind some cutesy login name.

    Second, notice how she starts as "we in LE" and never mentions that again.

    Third, she doesn't make a single gramatical mistake, except misspelling solicitation, which I assure you, all cops know exactly how to spell, cuz they've written that word a million times. Not that guys can't spell or write, but it's more of a female trait.

    The poor bastard must have had the business cards of the AMPS he frequented right in his wallet or in the glove compartment (i should stop doing that).

    In any case, if the bacon force is out to get us, they are not giving us any warning, we in the hobby must always be careful.

    Be safe,

  17. Bucks_pa_guy


    I happen to know that Lotus, just off Grant Ave, and Sun Garden are both alive and well. It's 8:30pm, and I called both places before posting tonight. I also called ********** because I saw posts here and on other boards that they were also shutdown. I got a voice message saying that they were closed for vacation, but opening again Feb 13th.
  18. Josephm


    Sungarden will rise will those of us who frequent these bastions of pleasure. No aggressive justification here, just pleasure. We epicurean bone heads must allow our bone to get head.
  19. Jeffrey


    Derth, LE and Indentured Servants

    1. It is a known and reported fact (example is Fuji Spa) that LE uses
    taxpayer money to "investigate" Amps by going in for a 4 to 6 week period
    and paying for sex. They do this to gather evidence. Once the evidence
    is gathered (repeatedly) and reviewed by DA, they send in another LE guy
    (usually multiple guys) who get the women to state a price for specific
    acts and they then almost simultaneously arrest multiple women and
    the mamasan.

    Point is prior to the arrests, they spend significant taxpayer dollars
    for F/S sex to gather evidence and learn the pattern by using multiple
    LE johns on very many occasions.

    If they spent their own dollars, it would only make them hippocrits, but
    they spent our tax dollars. It's freebies to them at our expense.

    2. If Derth is LE, he probably spent taxpayer dollars for F/S at Sun and
    then posted to gain an identity on UG so later he ccould make
    boasting post two.

    3. Indentured Servants

    The world has some women sold into sex, working with no choice, etc.,
    but never, ever, ever in Korean Amps. Korea accepts prostitution and
    it is not looked down nearly as much as here. The women work in
    Korea first, in their younger 17-22 years. Once they reach that age
    their earning power and demand is reduced; Korean men like them
    young. So they do their resumes and join the American Amp circuit.
    Problem is they need a visa, usually a ten year visa, which most have
    unless the 10 years have expired and they have not married an American.
    To get that 10-visa someone has to pay-off the American Embassy
    workers in Korea to issue these rare 10-year visas. This is where
    the K-gang comes in. They bribe the Americans in Korea, girl gets
    visa, gang charges girl about $10 to $20 thousand dollars, girl comes
    to America and either works the Amp circuit or works freelance, as many
    *** women did, and then she pays off the gang dollars.

    So how long does it take to payoff the gang? Two to four weeks.

    At 21 days per month, at 8 guys a day, at 10 months a year (2 months
    for annual vacations and 12 weeks off for periods - boy am I
    conservative), average woman earns minimum of $168,000 per year.
    Actually on Friday and Saturday, they usually do 22 to 28 men, so
    the normal figure is usually over $200,000.

    Some money they send home, for a while. Some they might invest,
    most they spend on designer clothers, shoes, handbags, and Atlantic
    City and Vegas casinos till it is gone.

    They are often attractive and bright but have no comprehension
    of time, when their earning power will end. They have usually no
    more than high school education and are like the sad stories of
    lottery winners that blow it all in a short time.

    But while they earn the money, they make more than George Bush
    and probably pay a little less than in tax than he does (zero vs ??).

    They paid their visa money in the first month Derth and they make
    more than most of us, and they do not pay taxes and they can leave
    this work at anytime after the first month, but, when you make $100
    per hour, how can you flip burgers for $5.15 before taxes?

    They might not love the work, but they love the money and they
    love the fact that they see many educated Americans who dress
    nicely and treat them well, and pay them; and they like the fact that
    they can give us an instant hard-on and we come back for more.
  20. Ganbei


    Good Job UG Staff!

    Maybe dreth will now crawl back to to the hole he came from.

    Where's Slinky?