You got to be kidding...

Discussion in 'General Industry Related Topics' started by Eye Won, Dec 29, 2000.

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  1. Slinky Bender

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    Lat time I was there they had a visit from the local constabulary right in "peak time". My guess is that there will be NO activity there soon if not already. But that's not really a big surprise in this town, is it ?
  2. Eye Won

    Eye Won

    Well, that's done, I will never go back to Coo Coo's in Brooklyn....What a dissapointment.....First off....The back rooms are gone......Now all activities must take place in the bathroom....So now there's only one place for extras and the waiting is soo... long.......So anyway I go and see this blond who looks ok.....I ask her about going in the back and informs me that the backroom are gone and everything must be done in the bathroom....So at this point im like fine, Im already there, go for i wait for some other girls to finish and the dancer says lets go.....First off the bathroom is disgusting and tiny.....Then I ask how much for a blow job and I'm assuming it's what it was last time....Which was 60.00 bucks....So she says 110.00...I was like are you out of your mind....Who do you think you are....Cindy Crawford....I aint payin you 110.00 bucks for a way...she was like ok....I said this is what I paid last time and i's all I'm gonna pay this time...take it or leave it.......So she took it....It was a great BJ though took the whole thing in even put my nuts in her mouth which was a nice touch.....So i tipped her 10.00 and was on my way.....She said the increase in price was due to the fact that they can only see a few people a night cause they all have to share the im gonna take myself out of that picture........