Yuan Yuan, 279 Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 631-356-9899

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by sculptor69, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. metbal1971


    Went the other day changed name to paradise Eden.. I go for the hr massage w ts. Had to remind her that I wanted shower I guess it's not a given. She warms up table and its a hand wash wish soap. Hits the crack and when flip cleaned the Frank n beans. Noticed extension cords dangling where the water is so don't be surprised if u get a jolt. Off to room and she does a dry rub on back while sitting on my but. She is a light thing 40+ thin maybe b cup but doesn't let u tough Otc. After about 15 minutes tells me to flip ,remind u no oil yet and I layed for hr. Ask her for an oil massage and she started it. It felt good she did a couple of reach under and rubbed Jr alot. Just when about to released I told her I'll flip. She got clean hot towel and clean back off. Gave me some time to recoup down below. After flip she does nice hr very slow and cleaned up nice. Gave scalp massage and did some stretching. Her name was Hannah which she was surprised I knew , ty Calvin. Very soft hands which I loved. Had some rough ones in the past. Overall clean towel and rooms. No Otc or under w not repeat the damage 60/40. Went to commack joint last week on 454 and whynedance. Thumbs down I'll review when more time.
  2. CalvinHobbes


    Went here after not being there after many years. Wanted a TS and the place on Hawkins near the five corners is closed and the pickings in the area are slim. Had Hannah (now long hair and glasses) - used to have pig tails. Have hour with TS for 40. Good TS rubbing my butt crack and then on the flip decent HE. Then in the room she says that they usually don't do TS for 1/2 hour and I have 10 minutes left. I'm annoyed. I said I wanted soft. After 2 minutes asked if I wanted to cum again and I flipped over. One hand on my cock and the other in my butt crack. Felt awesome and came hard. Gave her 40 tip since she did work hard even though couldn't even get my hand under her shirt.
  3. MongerManiac


    When I saw Hannah several weeks ago she didn't let me do anything except rub her butt a little bit. Maybe you'll have better luck, but I suspect not - she seems to have strict limits.
  4. LICaptain


    I would like to try this place this week. Do you think that Hannah would allow some body to body rubbing with release (frotage)?
  5. Li631


    Went here recently based on previous review had Hannah... Wow she could be up there with the Lincoln girls solid 7 IMHO.
    Got the h for 60 asked if i wanted TS and figured why not. Not sure if they are all like this but not a big fan then upon looking around after decided my last time TS here. The "christmas tree light extension cord dangling inches above the water source doesnt seem like a logical option. Call me crazy but i am not one that likes possible electocuted death before the massage.
    TS was ok a little sensual but not what i expected so i will opt for the 1/2 here from now on without shower.
    Massage was good enough to work out the kinks from a rough day but not as good as any of the Lincolns i must say. Would rate a 5.
    Dont know if it was because the place was empty besides us but the flip and play seemed like it lasted forever. Nice and sensual playing with my nips and below before she asked if i wanted the whole body massage. Thought this meant something else. Told her no as funds were low. She then corrected herself by grabbing me playfully below and saying fulllll bodyyyyy massage?... Translation lost on full body part i guess so i gave signal to begin. She never once rushed, no jackhammer, no overtight grip just a low steady pace using both hands on the twig and berries and then the off hand moved below. Very nice touch i must say knew when to tease and when to proceed. Again never rushed and had to be going a good 10-15 minutes til popped all over the place hands , her shoulder and floor. Has been a while since i did that.
    Didnt try anything other than otc bottom which she seemed to get into a little but out of respect and being 1st time visitor didnt try for more.
    Well worth the 60/40 i must say will be back
  6. MongerManiac


    I stopped by around 6:30 on a weekday not long ago. It indeed is now called T Water Spa, located in a small strip of stores that was pretty quiet in the evening. I opened the unlocked door and entered a nicely decorated lobby, which among other things featured a big fish tank.

    After about ten seconds "Hannah" entered the lobby from the inner door and greeted me. She is about 30, cute, with a nice figure and dyed blonde streaks in her hair. Pleasant attitude and decent English. I said I wanted an hour, and she led me inside. From what I could see, the spa was clean and well-decorated inside too, as was the room where she put me. The room's doorway was curtained, with a thick red velvet curtain like you'd see on a stage. Hannah collected the $60 fee and asked if I wanted a shower. Guess the "being serviced" TS is now back in operation. To my mild surprise she didn't ask the typical "You been here before?" question. I did not hear anyone else in the spa.

    I waited in the room an unusually long time for Hannah to lead me to the TS, probably close to five minutes. After the first few minutes I was starting to get a bit worried, maybe this was a setup for a police sting operation or something, and began thinking maybe I should get dressed and leave, never mind the money. When she finally returned she led me by the hand to the TS room but did not offer any explanation for her long absence. Nor did she offer a robe or even a towel, instead marching me to the TS room in my birthday suit. I suppose it didn't matter because the spa was otherwise empty and the TS room was only a few steps away, but still, it didn't seem quite right.

    Fortunately, Hannah's TS made up for my initial misgivings. It was both thorough and playful, including some prostate play. It made me think that maybe T Water was now offering more than just standard service, and in turn I began to regret that I only brought about $100 with me.

    Back in the room, which had a comfortable heated table, Hannah did about ten minutes of a rather ordinary massage and then began backwalking. While backwalking to many AMP girls means stomping around like they're testing the feel of a new carpet at Lowe's, it was immediately evident that Hannah knew what she was doing and was very skilled at it. It felt great, both at the time and afterwards. While I wasn't looking at a clock, I'd have to say that the backwalking lasted at least as long as the standard massage.

    Hannah then began the soft touch, which was better than average. After the flip, she demonstrated an unusual technique in which she alternated between fast and slow strokes. Most AMP girls keep on going at the same steady pace, which while nice doesn't offer quite the same sensation as Hannah's method. She had no problem with OTC, and allowed some UTC on the bottom but not the top. That was a bit strange to say the least. A bit disappointing too, as she had a nice top. I also will note that Hannah did not offer any additional services. This is strictly a R&T joint.

    It was taking me a while to nut, so Hannah shifted position and began a prostate massage. While the prostate play during the TS was nice, this wasn't so pleasant. I'm not sure whether that was due to her technique or whether it reminded me too much of the prostate ultrasound I had a few weeks ago :) To her credit, Hannah stopped immediately when I said I didn't care for it. She resumed her fast-slow routine, thankfully without complaining that I was taking too long, and I finally shot a massive load. A very meticulous hot towel cleanup followed, and after a $40 tip (which she graciously accepted) I was off on my merry way.

    All in all I'd give it a solid rating. It would have been even better if (1) Hannah had explained her absence; (2) I'd been given a robe rather than marched naked in the hallway, and (3) the regular massage had been longer and better. Even so, the combination of the excellent TS, the skilled backwalking, and Hannah's technique made this a definitely worthwhile visit.
  7. licruiser


    Was there on Thursday. took the 1/2 40/20. Place wasclean massage was good - did not get a name she was short kinda cute. About half way thru she climbed up on table straddled and used her clothed bod to massage my but and back. the flip was good made a mess good cleanup. finished the 1/2 with a good leg and foot massage
  8. bhfd999


    Did this place change owners?
  9. f4phantom


    Was their the other day.New people had Anna around 20 nice. Gave a massage that was so good I fell asleep. Not f/s but really good Hj.Lets you play a little on the outside but this was my first time with her. I will go again she put a hot pack on me then covered it with towels and a plastic sheet. I never had that before it was great
  10. WatchMeNow1


    This place also had a table shower. I noticed today that they changed the name to T Water Spa, and I was driving by so I called to see if anything had changed. I asked if they young girls available (even though every place says yes) they actually said no! i also asked about table shower and they said it needs to be serviced. (So did I) lol. Prob best to continue to avoid.
  11. lovelight


    thanks for the review-theres a place in Hauppauge reviewed heavily on here I believe it's 901 Motor PKY -look up the reviews if you're in that general area
  12. brownyhound


    Been here once. Older, unattractive girls. Took an hour for $60 and got a 15 min bullshit ST massage and HE. Allowed OTC on her lumpy ass but she was even resistant to that. All in all, i was there less than half an hour, so when i left i was only going to give her $10 tip just to be nice. She argued that business was slow and i had to tip for both girls. Ridiculous. So i threw her a $20, she still looked upset, didnt say another word, and i left.

    Also, this strip mall is really busy on weekdays during the day, not sure about weekends or evenings. The one time i went was on like a saturday night so the place was empty, but i wouldnt go any other time.

    All in all: ugly girls, poor, rushed service, mechanical, no extras, needy and poor, wide-out-in-the-open location. Have not returned and never will.
  13. Cassady1025


    This place was recently reviewed in the 'New review thread of the NJ NY CT Spa section as well
  14. Cassady1025


    Typical R&T place, decent massage, mid 40s average looking
    masseuse calling herself Tiffany. No UTC allowed. Nice HR.

    I will be searching for greener pastures and I'm
    not likely to return here.
  15. sculptor69


    Visited this place (279-4b Smithtown Blvd) early this week and I really TOFTT. Saw the ad up on another list and found out it was located in the Nesconset/Ronkonkoma area, so that was good for me and, when I originally called the week before, they indicated they were open until 9:30 pm – another good feature for me. Well, that is where all the good stopped. Found myself with some time to kill this past Monday morning, as I was out in the Ronkonkoma area for business. Called one of the providers mentioned elsewhere on this board, but she was just getting over the flu and was up for a visit. So, I figured what the heck give this AMP a shot.

    Long story about actually getting in touch with them and getting into the place, but this review is not about that. Should have walked away the minute the two women (neither one attractive) got out of the car to open up the place, but was thinking with the little guy and not thinking straight. Was shown into room (curtain – no door) and told to disrobe – gave her the $60 house fee for the hour. Woman came back after a few minutes and had me lie face down on the table (no offer of a shower) – she was fully dressed in jeans and a top. Immediately threw a towel on top of me and started a very lame massage – really just pressing down on various spots of my back. Did this for about five minutes and then she removed the towel and started some finger fluttering up and down my body. Horsed around doing this for about ten minutes and then came the flip. She reached back for the lube and made some motions for a HJ. I figured that that was all that was going to happen here – besides having FS with her was not exciting whatsoever- so I nodded OK. She started a two handed HJ and I reached up and put my hand under her shirt – that’s when it all became clear as to how stupid thinking with the little guy can be. She pulled away and said no to that - no FS, no UTC, and no OTC – what a bust. Had her finish me off and off she went for the wet towel, which she used liberally first to wipe off her hands. Got dressed and, for some reason, felt obligated to leave a $20 tip on the way out, which she objected to. Told her they were late for my appointment (I was now going to have to rush to get to my meeting), there was no roaming allowed, and I was shorted on time and left. Will never return here and advise all of you to avoid the place.
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