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Yuan Yuan, 279 Smithtown Blvd Nesconset 631-356-9899

Discussion in 'Long Island' started by sculptor69, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. licruiser


    Was there on Thursday. took the 1/2 40/20. Place wasclean massage was good - did not get a name she was short kinda cute. About half way thru she climbed up on table straddled and used her clothed bod to massage my but and back. the flip was good made a mess good cleanup. finished the 1/2 with a good leg and foot massage
  2. bhfd999


    Did this place change owners?
  3. f4phantom


    Was their the other day.New people had Anna around 20 nice. Gave a massage that was so good I fell asleep. Not f/s but really good Hj.Lets you play a little on the outside but this was my first time with her. I will go again she put a hot pack on me then covered it with towels and a plastic sheet. I never had that before it was great
  4. WatchMeNow1


    This place also had a table shower. I noticed today that they changed the name to T Water Spa, and I was driving by so I called to see if anything had changed. I asked if they young girls available (even though every place says yes) they actually said no! i also asked about table shower and they said it needs to be serviced. (So did I) lol. Prob best to continue to avoid.
  5. lovelight


    thanks for the review-theres a place in Hauppauge reviewed heavily on here I believe it's 901 Motor PKY -look up the reviews if you're in that general area
  6. brownyhound


    Been here once. Older, unattractive girls. Took an hour for $60 and got a 15 min bullshit ST massage and HE. Allowed OTC on her lumpy ass but she was even resistant to that. All in all, i was there less than half an hour, so when i left i was only going to give her $10 tip just to be nice. She argued that business was slow and i had to tip for both girls. Ridiculous. So i threw her a $20, she still looked upset, didnt say another word, and i left.

    Also, this strip mall is really busy on weekdays during the day, not sure about weekends or evenings. The one time i went was on like a saturday night so the place was empty, but i wouldnt go any other time.

    All in all: ugly girls, poor, rushed service, mechanical, no extras, needy and poor, wide-out-in-the-open location. Have not returned and never will.
  7. Cassady1025


    This place was recently reviewed in the 'New review thread of the NJ NY CT Spa section as well
  8. Cassady1025


    Typical R&T place, decent massage, mid 40s average looking
    masseuse calling herself Tiffany. No UTC allowed. Nice HR.

    I will be searching for greener pastures and I'm
    not likely to return here.
  9. sculptor69


    Visited this place (279-4b Smithtown Blvd) early this week and I really TOFTT. Saw the ad up on another list and found out it was located in the Nesconset/Ronkonkoma area, so that was good for me and, when I originally called the week before, they indicated they were open until 9:30 pm – another good feature for me. Well, that is where all the good stopped. Found myself with some time to kill this past Monday morning, as I was out in the Ronkonkoma area for business. Called one of the providers mentioned elsewhere on this board, but she was just getting over the flu and was up for a visit. So, I figured what the heck give this AMP a shot.

    Long story about actually getting in touch with them and getting into the place, but this review is not about that. Should have walked away the minute the two women (neither one attractive) got out of the car to open up the place, but was thinking with the little guy and not thinking straight. Was shown into room (curtain – no door) and told to disrobe – gave her the $60 house fee for the hour. Woman came back after a few minutes and had me lie face down on the table (no offer of a shower) – she was fully dressed in jeans and a top. Immediately threw a towel on top of me and started a very lame massage – really just pressing down on various spots of my back. Did this for about five minutes and then she removed the towel and started some finger fluttering up and down my body. Horsed around doing this for about ten minutes and then came the flip. She reached back for the lube and made some motions for a HJ. I figured that that was all that was going to happen here – besides having FS with her was not exciting whatsoever- so I nodded OK. She started a two handed HJ and I reached up and put my hand under her shirt – that’s when it all became clear as to how stupid thinking with the little guy can be. She pulled away and said no to that - no FS, no UTC, and no OTC – what a bust. Had her finish me off and off she went for the wet towel, which she used liberally first to wipe off her hands. Got dressed and, for some reason, felt obligated to leave a $20 tip on the way out, which she objected to. Told her they were late for my appointment (I was now going to have to rush to get to my meeting), there was no roaming allowed, and I was shorted on time and left. Will never return here and advise all of you to avoid the place.