Yummy in Vegas

Discussion in 'Las Vegas / Nevada' started by Prince, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Outcall for an hour was $225 (her incall rates are less)
  2. dumpy


    great bang indeed. How many bucks?

    Haven't posted in a long time. Can I ask that question? If not, my apologies and nevermind.
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  3. Prince

    Prince Of The Pantywaste Palace

    Well the name is indicative of what you are about to experience.

    Saw her photo on CL and the price seemed good, almost too good to be true, especially in Vegas. In Vegas they quite you prices that “start at” a certain monetary value, but that’s just to come to your room. Everything else is extra. You really need to carefully ask questions to get to a honest complete price. (Note: using the term full-service is a no-no in Vegas).

    Called Yummy at 702-591-**** (web: tasteyummy.escrtwww.com) and made arrangements for her to come to my hotel. Due to security where I was staying, I told her I’d meet her downstairs and bring her up. Well, when I saw her walking down the corridor to me I was flabbergasted. . .she was 10 times hotter than her photos with a very hot body which was nicely exposed and smoldering eyes. Too bad her photos don’t show how hot she looks. The photos give her a pasty look and add 10-15 pounds to what is actually a slim hot woman. You could tell from just looking at her that tonight was going to be a great time.

    Got into the elevator and immediately we played tonsil hockey and quickly felt each other up. I lifted her skirt, grabbed her thong, slipped it aside and yes, she was already wet. Got into the room and we basically devoured each other. I didn’t have my clothes all the way off and she was already on her knees giving me one of the best BBBJ’s ever. Laid her down, took off the rest of my clothes and went down on this hottie. Very responsive woman with the vocals to let you know you hit the right spot. After her convulsions, I laid down to get more of her oral attention. Excellent and silky. . .she mixed it up between great suction to awesome DT. Flipped her around for some 69 and before I was ready to blow asked for a cover to start the CFS portion. She got on top and rode like a champ, arching her back to put even more pressure on our co-joining. Flipped her on her back, put her legs on my shoulders and pounded away. One more flip to doggie and went at it hard. We both exploded at the same time and collapsed still joined together. We both dozed off for a bit and awoke 20 minutes later with me still inside her.

    She got up, go me a hot towel, cleaned me up and she was off.

    Excellent time, great bang for the buck. . .one of the best.